A lot of people are confused when it comes to the Holy Spirit. What exactly does He do anyway? What does it mean to you today? In this video Paula provides handles that will help you on your spiritual journey.

The Holy Spirit is not an “it,” He is a “Who.” He is the third person of the Godhead. He’s as much God as Jesus is. He is no less important because He is part of God Himself. And God has given this “Good Gift” to the Church.

The three Persons of the Trinity have three different roles. God, the Father, is the Initiator. He decides what will be. Jesus, the Son, is the Administrator. He proclaims God’s will or acts in agreement with it. And the Holy Spirit brings God’s will into manifestation. He’s takes what is decided… what is proclaimed… and brings it into being.

This NEW video will bring clarity and focus into what every believer in Jesus Christ wants to receive–power and victory. Watch Now.

Remember, With God Nothing Is Impossible!
Your brother and sister in Christ Jesus,

Dale and Paula

(Watch “Visiting Heaven: Behind the Scenes with Capt. Dale – Episode 18” Click on image below).

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     The new website is amazing! How exciting to see it as I came upon it today: https://daleblack.org/.
Congrats :). Stephen G. – Canada

    “Very powerful. Thank you Captain. Will pray and think about [living long] this video during my walk-arounds.” Gawie V. 
   “Regarding your video How Long Should Christians Live? – I believe it and receive it! Thanks for this wonderful teaching!” Timothy B.
   “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness I dare not lean on anything less. Thank you for your videos.” Ralph W. – Pan Am pilot, Retired
   “I have completely shifted my goals and focus because of your faithfulness to share your videos. I’m praying that God will supply everything you need for the enormous ministry challenges.”  Shelly A.

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Visiting Heaven Episode 18 with Capt Dale

Click below to watch Dale in “Episode 18 of Visiting Heaven: Behind the Scenes.

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