Too many of us live in defeat or depression because we continually lie to ourselves. Some people live with sickness and disease and don’t get better because of what they say to themselves. It’s about wrong self-talk. But there are ways you can change this very quickly–helpful ways to retrain the way you think so you can get better in all areas of your life and experience more of God’s blessings. I call it heart-talk.

Did you know that every waking moment people talk to themselves? Surprised? The question really isn’t “Do you talk to yourself?” But “What are you telling yourself?” Do you feed yourself the truth? Or are you repeating the lies of the enemy?

A study tells us that the average person speaks 40,000 to 50,000 things to him or her self every day, and 70% or more of that is negative. However, the same study revealed that exceptional, professional athletes, reduce their self-talk to 20,000 or less statements per day. And only 50% is negative.

Focused positive thinking and self-talk are critical if you are to move from victimization to victory. Why? Because “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God” (Rom. 10:17). Your belief system is not only built on what you say out loud. But it is based on what you think and what you say to yourself in your head!

What I’m describing is “heart talk”. If TV commercials and other forms of repetitive advertisement weren’t effective in selling products, no one would pay to air them. Ask yourself, “What am I continually advertising and selling to my subconscious mind (my inner person) via heart-talk?”

Your subconscious has no power of judgment; it simply records data and experiences as they happen and then believes as true what it’s told. Satan is called an evil genius. He has designed a negative marketing campaign to try to sell you on your personal failures. But don’t believe him. Don’t repeat his condemnations in your mind or let them into your heart.

This is why the words of your mouth (what you say to others), the meditations of your heart (what you say to yourself), and the words of others (whom you listen to), whether positive or negative, greatly determine what you think and believe. Furthermore, what you think strongly affects what you do, and who you’ll eventually become. Your heart-talk should always be acceptable in God’s sight. This requires a major effort, I know, but it is the way to make changes in your health, healing and overall success in your Christian life.

With the type of future that is coming quickly to this world, Godly heart-talk has never been more important. Trust me on that. Satan’s deceptions are growing in magnitude and number. It is only going to be more difficult in the days ahead. The Bible describes a powerful deluding influence that will come and deceive all who are vulnerable. Even some of God’s people will believe the lies because they have not learned to control what they think.

We have been given the job of being our mind’s gatekeeper. No one else can do that for us. We must determine what we’ll allow ourselves to see, to hear and to think. You must learn what God’s Word says if you intend to challenge and capture any thought contrary to His will. Then you must bring your thoughts into line with truth (see 2 Cor. 10:4-5).

The evil in our world has been well hidden–under the surface–until recently. Not so any longer. Evil has been uncovered and is so rampant that ‘right looks wrong’ and ‘wrong looks right’. These days were prophesied long ago.

Listen carefully to my battle cry. God holds you and I personally accountable for the temple He’s given us to care for. He will not usurp our stewardship. We must avoid negative influences and companions. Filter, and even eliminate, the movies you see, the music you hear, the downloads you watch, the magazines and books you read, the news you watch and listen to. God has called His people to renew their minds with His Word.

Your attitude definitely affects your relationship with God and others. Attitude affects your health—mental, emotional and physical too. Damaging heart-talk is lethal. It’s true. “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Perhaps one reason your attitude can cause sickness, disease and other forms of torment is that it also determines the level of your stress. Some people “stuff” their stress, quietly bearing it, while others “shout” their stress, outwardly venting it.

Are you sick and struggling with a physical condition that doctors say is getting worse, not better? Heart-talk can be a life changer. Instead of seeing yourself as sick, trying to get well–instead, think of being “the healed,” and Satan is trying to oppress you with sickness and disease. You must resist him and command him and his lies to flee, in Jesus’ name.

If your perspective on life is miserable, your future will be miserable, unless you make a change. Heart-talk can change your attitude. Heart-talk can change your perspective. Heart-talk can change your future. How do you do it? By speaking God’s promises. By thinking His word. By spending more time with God and His Word than you do listening to the lies of this world. Let’s look at a powerful promise.

Proverbs 3:5-10 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the Lord and depart from evil. It will be health to your flesh, And strength to your bones. Honor the Lord with your possessions, And with the first fruits of all your increase; So your barns will be filled with plenty, And your vats will overflow with new wine.”

Two thousand years ago, Jesus took away Satan’s power at Calvary, disarming him completely. The devil can only hurt you now if you choose to embrace fear, and believe what is not true. Jesus called Satan the ‘father of lies’. You must not allow his lies to be embed into your heart.

Here are some activities you can engage in that will help:

  • Read the Word daily.
  • Take negative thoughts captive and replace them with Scriptures that debunk the lies you believe about God, yourself and others.
  • Clean up your heart-talk! Practice speaking what God thinks about you.
  • Become friends with emotionally healthy people.
  • Walk away from the 95 percent of the population who don’t want to be victorious and join the 5 percent who do.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity God gives you, to use your experience to help others.
  • Finally, respect and receive yourself as a gift from God, with a kingdom purpose. Tell the Lord: “You love me and have made me to be Your handiwork. I accept myself as I am and commit to become better.”

In summary let me challenge you to: Put off false guilt today. Turn off the negative lies. Change your heart-talk immediately. Guard your eyes. Don’t remain a victim of abuse. Jesus Christ was abused, yet Satan did not… could not, have authority over Him. As a believer in Jesus, you are God’s child. Jesus lives in you. Satan can lie to you, but he doesn’t have authority over you. The Bible says, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7.

Paul told Timothy, “If we suffer, we shall also reign with him” (2 Tim. 2:12, KJV). Jesus has redeemed you entirely, which includes the abuses you’ve suffered. Rise above your past. Change the messages that you listen to and let others see God’s glory through you.

We must clarify one important truth: God loves you just as you are. He loves you when you do right and when you do wrong; sin doesn’t affect His love for you. I’m not recommending sin as it breaks our fellowship with God. But know that His love is truly unconditional—He loves you under every condition of life. You may grieve His heart, but you can never escape His love.

There’s nothing that can separate us from God’s love. “God is love,” the Bible tells us (1 John 4:8). Love is Who He is. That’s why even while we were bound to sin, God showed His love for us by sending His Son to die for us (see Rom. 5:8). But it doesn’t stop there. Through Jesus alone we are saved from our sins and offered eternal life with God. We choose. In Him is life… now in this time… and for eternity.

Whatever God is asking you to do or not do, is worth it. You can succeed. With God nothing is impossible.

Dale and Paula Black

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