When God heals, does He ‘zap’ you with an instantaneous healing? Sometimes He does… if your faith is fully mature or if He ministers healing through someone with mature faith. But healing is progressive. And what assurance, if any, can you really have that it is God’s will to heal… YOU?

Faith is vital for healing, yet, is there something more that is needed? God’s Word instructs us and His will is clear. Watch this “Message from Heaven” by Capt Dale Black, the only survivor of a horrific airplane crash — who doctors gave NO HOPE for living a productive life. Dale is an award winning Airline Pilot Instructor / Accident Prevention Specialist and the only survivor of perhaps aviation’s most ironic airplane crash who retired after 50 years as an aviation professional…to the glory of God.

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Dale and Paula

What Others are Saying
    “Thank you for your awesome ministry! I’m praying for you! Thank you for your excellent example of living a life entirely submitted to God!” Greg – HI
   “Amen, brother Black! Thank you so much for preaching God’s word! You are a good man and all good comes from God, so thank you.” C.B.
“What a great sermon (What Happens When You Die?)… Praise God!!! Tim – IL
   “I’m not a book reader but I found your book (Flight To Heaven) at an airport…I did not put it down until I was done…wonderful wonderful book…. Read if you get the chance… Praise God!!” Brad
   “Your life is exceptional! Your advice to follow the words of Christ must be followed by all who have been exposed to the bible. Thank you for your spiritual guidance. I pray that God blesses your life’s work.” Frank – FL
    “Thank you so very much for writing the book ‘Flight to Heaven’. I have just finished reading it for the second time in the last six years. I had forgotten so much of it. I needed to hear again, it’s not all about the healing but the Healer. I found so much encouragement ‘again’. Thank you.” Connie – OR

  Not sure you’re going to HEAVEN? Then click on the following video link: “Jesus said, You Must Be Born Again.”

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