In this week’s WEB-TV Video, Paula Black talks about the promises which God has provided to His children. Upon the cross Jesus took our sins and sicknesses when He shed His blood for salvation AND healing for all. Those who will believe in Him and accept what He has offered into their personal life have inherited these great gifts. If you are born-again, you are redeemed and a new creation.

Are you struggling today with sickness or sin that seems like it will never go away? This teaching from Paula Black, who with God’s help, defeated terminal cancer WITHOUT chemo, radiation or additional surgery, may be just what the Lord would have for you.

Stay mindful as we remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that it is the most important event in human history. Every day is Resurrection Day for those who put their trust in the Lord. Everything God has made available to His children is because… HE ROSE from death to life and defeated everything Satan tried to use against Him!

Always remember that, with God nothing is impossible!
Dale & Paula

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What Others are Saying:
     “Thank you for this life-infusing message drawing “Amens” all through! This teaching is so empowering to me and should be to every believer. The evidence is so strong that you are firmly connected to the Vine. Thank you from us that read, watch and listen online – God Bless You!!” Eric – Canada
    “What a blessing both you and Paula are to those seeking the the truth. You will need an awfully large crown to hold all the stars when you reach God’s kingdom.” Ron – New Zealand
    “Thank you for this good teaching! It is concise, precise and makes it easy to implement the receiving aspect of healing. The repetition of this message imparts faith and makes faith GROW!!! Your ministry is such a Blessing to many!” Sven
Best newsletter yet from you guys, no wonder you reached 4,000!! It is true that most of us do not realize the authority we are given and not only that, THAT WE ARE EXPECTED TO USE IT. Amen, and thanks for the wake-up call. God bless.” Deborah
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