Thank you and praise the Good Lord! Paula, Kara, my mom, myself and all of the family are grateful beyond words for your prayers for Darrell Black.

I’m reminded of the precious and sacred words of Jesus when He discussed Heavenly things with His disciples. He once said, “Whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.” Matthew 12:50

The partners and friends of this ministry fulfilled the will of the Father by responding immediately to last week’s prayer request. Hundreds responded. Intercession for others is one of the ways we do the will of Father.

You sent immediate notices of prayer support via our website at and via email: [email protected]. Your response certainly encouraged our family, but more importantly, you changed circumstances according to God’s perfect will. May God bless you for your love in action!

Previously, after seeing no improvement in Darrell’s condition—in fact, deterioration for a week—within 24 hours of your prayers last Sunday, Darrell, although still in a coma, was immediately jolted with a surge of inner strength. This can only be attributed to your prayers. His immune system kicked in and he quickly developed a fever to fight the infection. His need for oxygen from the respirator reduced and his body began to respond.

Another factor which God used because of your prayers, was a huge “heart change” from Darrell’s head nurse, Sally. She suddenly understood that hundreds of friends and family were praying. She was told and believed that Darrell has a call on his life. Learning this changed her attitude and influence in ICU. She then seemingly took it upon herself to specifically help Darrell get out of ICU. (long story, but an answer to prayer. Again, thank you).

The power of heaven is in the natural and the supernatural realm. In the natural, speaking with the nurse and helping her understand what God was doing, motivated her to work in agreement with the prayers. Also, we Zoomed with Darrell every day that we could. Even though the nurse said, “He can’t hear you.” We knew that his spirit COULD hear and we encouraged him to fight, to live, to remember that many people loved him, were praying for him and that God had a plan for his life. We spoke God’s will for healing over his body and prayed out loud for him. This blending of prayer (supernatural) and natural (in agreement with God’s will), supercharged God’s ability to affect the situation for His glory.

God’s people are God’s instruments in this world. It is up to each of us to do our part to bring heaven to earth in every situation, both in the natural and the supernatural.

Within 24 hours God used Sally to help Darrell begin breathing on his own. Three days ago he was taken off the respirator, moved out of ICU and is now in a regular hospital room. His cognitive ability is low but he is gradually gaining situational awareness and is now responding more and speaking a little bit.

The entire family is tremendously grateful for your prayers. And there is no doubt that the entire experience was changed through our combined prayer. From all over the world, your prayers changed the hospital situation and my brother’s health.

He is not at all out of the woods, so please keep your prayers going to our Lord on his behalf. Thank you for your love. Thank you for stepping up to do God’s work. This is exactly how the body of Christ should function. Praise the good Lord.

It is SO true…With God nothing is impossible!

Dale & Paula

Because DBM is primarily an online global ministry, it is often difficult to experience such personal love and spiritual power as we have with the many responses to our request for prayer. Praise the Lord!  We are blessed. And are sharing a sampling of the prayers that have poured in below from DBM website comments alone.


Pastor Dale, I have been praying for your dear brother’s full recovery night and day. May the power of the Holy Spirit fill him and heal him from within, and may Jesus wrap his arms around your brother Darrell to surround and immerse him with His healing light and love. Please Lord hear our prayers! Susie

Praying for Darrell’s healing and comfort from his Savior Who loves him so very much. Thank you Lord for giving Your children, the promise that when they walked thru the waters You will be there, and thru the flame, they will not be drowned or burned for You are with them. So we will not fear or be in dismay over this beloved son of yours, Darrell. We praise You for healing him, Jesus. We ask that Darrell feels the Comfort of the Holy Spirit right there beside him now, in Jesus Mighty Holy and Precious name, the Name above all other names we pray, amen. Allisonn

Dear Father God, thank You for Your help in our times of need. We need Your help now Lord. Please put Your healing hands on this child of Yours, bring him back to his good health, guide the doctor’s hands that are ministering unto him , allow rules to change so family and dear friends can pray over him and he can hear familiar voices to uplift and calm him. We love and adore You Father, in Jesus’ name, amen. Love, Lorie

I am adding my prayers for your brother .. placing him before Jesus. Hang in there!! hugs.. Lisa

Dear heavenly Father we pray from the blood of the Cross for Darrell’s complete healing. We also pray for the family for comfort, also for Dale. I remember a few years ago when Dale prayer for me when I was going to be baptized he prayed for me and it meant so much for me. Also we pray for Doctors to gain new knowledge for what is wrong. We pray for family members to be allowed to enter as just hearing their voices may help. Just a thought could you at least tape the family voices and have nurses play it for him. Don

Praying for full recovery for Dale Black’s brother Darrell in Jesus Holy Almighty name. Nancy

Barb and I have prayed for Darrel and beseeched the Father, rebuked any evil spirits, asked for wisdom for those attending Darrel, and quoted Ezekiel 16:6, for his life to be continued. Praise the Most High GOD. Amen! Cecil & Barb

PRAYING out here in Missouri. Christina

MANY prayers!!!!  Jim, Jeanne & the Whole Family

Praying for your brother, Capt. Black. Agnes Kuzniarski and family from Dubai

LORD, you know all things… Darrell is in critical needs right now. Place your most powerful angels above and around him to shelter him in!  Protect him from all forces that would seek to take him. We forbid the enemy and any witchcraft from manipulating him, his health, his family, his mind, soul, or spirit. The LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH STAND WATCH AND GUARD HIM COMPLETELY….! Help Dale seek you more deeply and depend on you more fully. Justice

Very sorry to hear about Darrell. Both Ragaie and I have just put in a special prayer for him, and in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus we believe that he will be made well again. God bless Elena and Ragaie.

I will be praying for him beginning tonight. Bob D.

Dear Capt. Dale, Just prayed for your brother, Darrell, and will continue to do so.  Please keep us posted. Passing this on to my fellow prayer warriors! In His awesome love, Dodie

We know that You have appointed times for significant events in our lives, Lord. We love You, and we accept this, no matter how difficult this sometimes may be for us on “this side of heaven.” Acknowledging this, we nevertheless ask that You restore Darrell Black swiftly and completely, regardless of any negative diagnoses that may have been uttered regarding him. We ask this in Your name. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that You promised that ANYthing that we ask in Your name will be done by You. (John 14:13-14) Thank You, Father / Lord Jesus, that with You all things are possible. Christine

Oh Precious Lord you know the beginning from the end. We trust that you are not finished with Darrell! We cry out to You, asking You, the God of miracles to raise Darrell up for Your glory! “‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’” Jeremiah 33:3 NKJV Scott & Lorraine

In praying for your brother, Exodus 15:26 came to mind: “I am the God that health thee.” Then a worship song we used to sing in healing services, which I began to sing over him: “I am the God that health thee, I am the Lord your Healer. I sent My word and healed your disease; I am the Lord your Healer.” I will continue praying and singing out loud for his total healing. God’s glory and power explodes in the darkest of night when we have nothing left to hold on to but His powerful, omnipotent right hand. He gives us Songs in the Night! May His peace rest on your brother and your whole family. Love, Helen

Father God we pray and ask for Your Word to go forth and not return void and we send it to heal, deliver, and restore all to Darrell’s body. By every stripe You bore Jesus, Darrell is made complete. Heal this internal bleeding, and awaken him from the coma. LIVE Darrell and not die in Jesus mighty Name. The Name Above All Names. Jesus, You went about doing good and healing all…Heal Your precious Son now we humbly pray. We thank You mighty God in Jesus mighty Name!! Latrelle

I have prayed to the Most High & His Mother for you dear brother, reminding them how your family helped me when I was in the most serious crisis of my life. I will keep praying. Michelle

Praying for total and complete healing for your brother! Donna

God please show your power and might with healing. Gives strength and courage to this family. I believe in your promise that what we ask for in your Son Jesus name will be granted if we pray and believe it is done. I pray it is your will. Sue

We join the faithful in prayer for God’s powerful, miraculous hand to raise Darrell from the coma, restoring him to excellent health in Jesus name. Amen! Theresa

Praying for your brother! Danielle

It is midway through the 5am hour, Mountain Standard Time, on this day of prayer, prayers for Darrell. I am praying in this hour the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I will do so again in Christ’s sacred hour of 3pm, the hour that our Lord died for us. I feel a palpable sense of the communion of devotion to the Will of God. I am delighted to contribute. — Michael

Praying for your brother this morning. (In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, enemy you leave Darrell’s body! We bind you in Jesus’ name!! Amen!) Joyce

LORD GOD nothing is impossible for you! For you are the almighty GOD we pray for the healing of Darrell’s body which belongs to you LORD. We plead the blood of CHRIST around him and his family. We trust and believe in your healing by your stripes we are healed. In JESUS precious loving name. Amen. Karen

Lifting up your brother before the throne of grace, to find mercy and grace to help in this time of need. James

Praying for your dear brother now. May the Lord return him to full health very soon. June

Praying for Darrell’s healing and for peace & comfort for the family. Trish

Dale, prayers being said for your brother and the entire family. Nothing is impossible for God. Linda

Father we come to you claiming your most glorious blessings tonight for Darrell who has been in a coma. Lord, You know everything about him and he belongs to you. Lord it seems the doctors have done all they knew what to do and there is nothing in their grasp that can help Darrell. The family is trusting in you Lord for saving their brother. Lord we call Darrel’s name again up to Heaven. He is in very serious need of what only you can do dear Lord. We put our total trust in you and in the name of Jesus by the power of the blood of Jesus our Lord who died on Calvary for us all. Right now Lord, we speak healing and we speak Isaiah 53:5 over Darrel’s life dear God: But he was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruise for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace is upon Him, and by His strips we are healed. Right now we will stand in faith believing and receiving your loving kindness and truth and healing for Darrel. We will continue to stand in faith for Darrel and his family. We choose to believe your word and stand on the principles of the forestated scripture. Lord we thank you for your loving kindness and we know you heard us when we prayed. We also thank you for your many, many blessing in Jesus’ name. AMEN.  Vivian

Dear Dale & Family, I was busy having my quiet time when I was prompted to look at my Email inbox.
I am so deeply sorry and also touched by your request to pray for your Brother, Darrell. Then I think “who am I “ I know that I love the Lord and know that He is not to slow to reach out his arm and touch Darrell. “Abba Father where two or three come together and pray your promise is that You will hear our prayer. Our prayer is that you will bring Darrell back to consciousness and restore him to good health, We ask for this in the Precious and Mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord.” My name Is Henry Vos and will be 84 on 31/03/2021. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. Amen Henry

Dear Lord Jesus please restore Darrell to full health so that he can continue to be a blessing in your sight here on earth. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen. Philly


Dear Dale and Paula…I am praying for Darrell and his family and that God will give the doctors wisdom and God will intervene to bring complete healing and restoration. No weapon formed against him will prosper. I am praying Psalm 91 over him and believing for God‘s mighty touch. Nancy

Father, we thank you for healing power provided by the Lord Jesus. He bore our sicknesses, and healed all our diseases; and by His stripes we were healed. We receive for Darrell the precious promises that Jesus paid for us and Thank you Lord God for you are good and faithful. We praise your holy name. Thank you Father! In Jesus name. Amen! Don B.

You bet praying for him now is the enemy attacking your brother because he sees greatness in a big work for your brother to do praying for him now no weapon formed against him will prosper. Shiffon

You bet… praying for him now is the enemy attacking your brother because he sees greatness in a big work for your brother to do praying for him now no weapon formed against him will prosper. Alecia

Praying for Darrell now! Debbie

I come into agreement with all prayers over Darrell, in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Sharon

My dear friends I’m praying for you and your brother. God has shown his faithfulness over and over again in my life. one of my favorite scriptures is I have loved you with an everlasting love. After the death of my husband Don, I had a friend text me everyday for 2 years. These words… God is faithful! Amen!!! Jennifer

I command his release from this demon of sickness that has come against him. He will live and not die a d declare the mighty works of the Lord!! Peggy

Praying for Darrell and family. Also for your ministry Dale. God is good all the time all the time God is good. Bob M.

Heavenly Father, I bind the spirit of infirmity on Darrell in Jesus name and command it to go. I loose life and health over Darrell in Jesus name. I speak to every cell of his body to regenerate and for every system of his body to come together in perfect working order in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus! Amy & Louis

Praying for Darrell’s complete and total recovery for his family’s sake and Gods glory! God please bless the Black family. Jesse

God bless you all!

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