AUTHORITY. The word conjures up all kinds of feelings and images. Fear. Intimidation. Or, it could be comfort and safety. It all depends upon your personal life experience and knowledge.

You might be someone who says, “The authority of the Bible can be valued or ignored. But it doesn’t have to control me unless I choose to let it.” That’s true. God gives each of us free will and a choice. But like the authority of a Life Guard at the beach. When we arrive at the beach we could go to the Life Guard and inquire about the rip currents, undertow, any hazards we should avoid… BEFORE we go into the water. But too often we aren’t willing to recognize the value and authority of the Life Guard until we’re drowning.

People tend to do the same thing with God. Ignoring His authority and expertise until we get into crisis and want Him to bail us out. God has provided His authority as an expert on life. He created mankind and the earth and all that is in it. Yet, even with His expert knowledge of “how” to avoid the dangers and pitfalls around us… most tend to ignore this resource until we’re absolutely desperate.

Out of His immense love, God gave us an Operating Manual for life. Yet, few are those who read it and live by it.

When beginning the process of learning to fly any new aircraft as a professional jet pilot, the first thing I like to do is get my hands on the Flight Operations Manual. Sure, it’s fun to ‘fly’ the aircraft right away, but in reality … it would be unthinkable and completely unsafe to do so without first understanding the overall design and manufacturer’s limitation. The “author” of most of the airplanes I’ve flown is either Boeing, Learjet, Cessna Citation, or… my favorite, Lockheed. The engineers and manufacturers provide incredibly detailed information to pilots, maintenance, flight attendants (and more), to promote safety in aviation transportation.

It is no different than what God has provided through His Word — the Bible. It is he Operating Manual for relationship with God and for safely traversing through life. God has provided guidance for everything we will ever need. God was even loving enough to send His only Son to earth to by as a physical reflection of God’s Word. Jesus never did or said anything contrary to God’s Word. He knew the power and authority it carried and knew it would be foolish to step out from under that loving authority.

We cannot say we’re in correct relationship with Jesus if we don’t accept the Bible as God’s infallible Word. If we want to be rightly related to Jesus, we must be rightly related to the Bible, as Jesus is the physical manifestation of God’s Word. Without submission to the authority of God and His Word, we are not in right relationship with God.

“Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son” 2 John 1:9.

Take the time to spend a portion of your day with God and His Word. It is the best investment in your life you can make.

With God nothing is impossible!

Dale & Paula

THANK YOU to all who have prayed for my brother, Darrell. God has wonderfully answered prayer. Darrell is now out of the hospital and into Rehab. Praise the Lord! He is not yet able to walk and is still having some difficulty recovering from the ventilator, so your prayers for a full recovery are greatly appreciated. God is good and your prayers are very appreciated. God bless you!

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What Others Are Saying:
     “Great word about relationship with God! I have had some wonderful times with “Daddy”. I was blessed by your words. I also never had a daddy, but a father on earth. It is the heavenly Father’s great love that feeds the love I have for my brothers and sisters in Christ. He is Good!
Thank you!
    “Thanks Dale, I needed this balanced perspective after hearing another person say we’re not living in the fear of the Lord.; bringing Him down to our level. I want to worship Him in Spirit and Truth as my FATHER and my daddy! My dad has been gone from this earth since 1975 when I was eleven years old and Father God has shown me He’s been there for me as my heavenly Dad since then.” Heidi
     “Thank you Dale! I love how “our God,” the one who created you and me, wants to be that intimate with us! I’m thankful that I did have a “daddy,” be he on the other hand did not have a father growing up! When your mom shared Jesus with him, he realized for the first time that God was “ABBA DADDY!” Great Word my brother!” Lorraine 
    “Thank you Brother Dale! I long to grow closer to my Father God. Would love a video or writing on how to hear the Holy Spirit. God Bless you and your family!” Sharon
     “Thank you for your continuing messages of hope and encouragement for addressing the dire situation we find our country in at the present time. I wholeheartedly support your efforts to provide guidance to the brothers and sisters in Christ that we may do what is required of us to do God’s will for this nation. I will never believe that all the blood ,sweat, and tears that our Christian forefathers put into this country to make and keep it “one nation, under God”, that God will not provide the means to continue on this path. God bless you and keep you safe!” James


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