For many months following an airplane crash I was stuck in a wheelchair trying to recover. That’s when I began to spend quality time in the Bible for the first time in my life. I was learning powerful principles that would completely and supernaturally change my outcome. I learned about faith—what it is and how it works. 

The doctors told me I would never walk normally, or see out of my right eye, or use my left arm—and that was best case scenario. Much of my memory was erased due to amnesia from blunt force trauma to the head. The many severe scars on my head and face confirmed that a normal life would never be possible. In spite of the extreme damage to my body and my dismal prognosis, I often wept with tears of joy at my second chance at life. Thank the Good Lord. His love and mercy is everlasting.

Through my frequent Bible study, I began to discover truths that surprised me and gave me great hope. Without reservation, I believed and adopted the Bible principles I was learning and established deep faith in God and His Word. Over time, my stronger faith in God’s promises allowed me to do something every doctor, friend and family member said I would never, ever do… fly again. And ultimately regain the full use of my body. The power in God’s word, coupled with my faith, turned me into a walking miracle.

Following my journey to Heaven I learned how powerful and true the spiritual dimension is and that it is more real and supersedes the natural realm we currently live in. I learned that faith is a supernatural force—a bridge between this earthly dimension and Heaven’s spiritual dimension.

God created faith and then gave man the ability and privilege of using it. Faith is extremely valuable and important in the spiritual realm—it is Heaven’s currency. Faith is the very force God used to create the heavens and earth when He said, “Let there be light.” The force of faith within His spoken Word created the heavens and the earth and everything in them.

In the Old Testament we see the heroes of faith—people like Abraham, Moses, the prophets, and many others. When these great men of the past used their faith responsibly, God was pleased and blessed them. Throughout Jesus’s ministry He taught all who listened to Him, what faith was and how to use it. The Son of God used faith every day during His time on earth and we are directed to use it just as Jesus did. Jesus told His followers that by doing so, “These same things that I did, you will do, and even greater things because I go to be with My Father.” God is pleased with His children when they imitate Christ and use their faith.

Faith is powerful… even supernatural. It is designed to accomplish whatever is needed when used in agreement with God’s will. Hebrews 11:1 defines it. Mark 11:23,24 describes how it works.

Faith is NOT hope, and hope is not faith. Many confuse the two and wonder why it isn’t working. You see, faith is not the product of reason—it does not originate from our intellect or emotion. Like gravity, faith is an unseen force. But unlike gravity, we must develop it in order to use to well.

The Bible makes it absolutely clear that faith can overcome anything in this natural world—because it is superior. There is literally no limit to what faith can do. Why then aren’t more Christians enjoying the limitless blessings that faith can produce in their lives? I believe the answer lies primarily because we’ve limited ourselves to this natural realm. We spend most of our time looking at the things we can see with our physical eyes, and believing what our natural senses tell us.

Our faith is directly related to, and proportional to, the amount of Word that we have planted into our hearts. We must plant God’s Word, cultivate it, and guard it against the pests and elements of this natural realm that try to destroy it. If we’ll do those things—and then put it to work—our faith will continue to grow and increase.

Romans 10:17 tells us that faith is activated by hearing God’s Word. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” So then, faith springs up from our heart as we repeatedly hear the spoken word of God. Faith is a force that works for good or evil—depending on what it is rooted in. Is it rooted in God and His Word—or is it rooted in fear or carnal desire?

The God-kind of faith we’re referring to is always rooted in God’s Word. When we speak that word and give it authority over the situation we are facing, it goes to work in the spiritual realm rearranging things to line up with what we are believing for. God’s will and His promise will eventually manifest in the natural realm if you do not lose heart and grow weary and abort the process (Galatians 6:9).

Your agreement and your spoken word stir the force of faith in your spirit, allowing God’s will access into your situation. Speak God’s Word—His promises—about the outcome you are believing for. Let your ears hear your own voice speak the truth of God into your life. Take hold of His promise with the force of faith and don’t let go.

We can only believe that we will receive from God, if we base our faith on what He has already said He would do. This cannot simply be a mental exercise or wishful thinking. Don’t do this as a “name it and claim it” for selfish gain. Your faith must come from your heart (spirit) and be rooted in God’s Word.

It is only in your heart where words can be mixed with faith and become a spiritual force that you release with your spoken word. Do this because it is what God teaches us to do. It is what He desires us to do. And do this because it works, and will help you overcome your battles and the situations you confront with victory.

You can do this… because, with God nothing is impossible.

Dale and Paula

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  “Dale, I started following your ministry a number of years ago because we agree on so many things concerning: God’s Word, faith, and Christian living. You and I are truly brothers in Christ. Today’s message, Deep State Rising, is a confirmation to me as I walk down the same path. I pay very little attention to the MSM and look in other places to find the truth. Don’t stop what your doing – you’ve truly been a light for Jesus. Lou – WA
   “Thank you for getting the Truth out. Continue to pray that the church wakes up!” Patty – IN
   “Thank you for this crucial information. This is indeed a spiritual battle. So our prayers in faith and boldness in Christ are our response. Bill – MA
 “Thanks for continuing to post these videos to help wake up and encourage the body of Christ to the truth.”  Steve M.

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