Join Dale and Paula as they candidly discuss faith for healing — the kind of faith that brings healing results. This is not fake healing or hype, but is practical and authentic. God is still in the healing business. Are you sick? Are you dealing with a long term health issue that is getting worse, not better? Then watch and learn some “golden nuggets” of the way God has always worked with His children–blending the practical with the miraculous. Combine the natural with the supernatural by building real faith in God and His promises. Remember also that regardless of what you are dealing with, His promise is this: With God Nothing Is Impossible.

*Paula and I are currently using these same principles as we step out in faith to take new ground in healing ministry. Please pray for our protection and support as we develop and launch Healing Way Workshops / Revival, as we minister to the many who are in need of God’s authentic healing in their lives. The enemy is having fits over this so please lift us up in prayer. For more information about what we are striving for, check out the Healing Way.

Always your brother and sister in Christ. And remember with God nothing is impossible!
Dale & Paula

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What others are saying:
  “God bless you both for your wonderful work building God’s kingdom…thank-you for all you do. Dale, these lessons are coming at the right time in my life for me as I believe the Holy Spirit is trying to grow my faith… may God bless you both.” Lucy – Canada
  “I probably wouldn’t be alive today if it were not for one of Dale’s webcasts! I was struggling with a rare eye disease and the toxic medicines the doctors gave me were killing me. I had heart failure and kidney failure and my body was beginning to shut down. Then one day I listened to Dale tell me how he threw his headache medicine out the window of his 18-wheeler and he decided to believe in God’s healing and let Him take control. I stopped the toxic medicines and started juicing. Slowly my heart and kidneys started getting better. Thank you both for being there right when I needed you. I don’t believe in coincidence, but I certainly Do Believe in God’s “escape plan” even to me!!” Vicki – AZ, USA
   “Thank you for this life-infusing message drawing “Amens” all through! This teaching is so empowering to me and should be to every believer. The evidence is so strong that you are firmly connected to the Vine. Thank you from us that read, watch and listen online – God Bless You!! Eric – Canada
   “Your book “Life, Cancer and God” is a blessing. You two have worked so hard, struggled, have ridden the roller coaster from top to bottom and around the curves. And what you learned you give away as a gift to others as He directs your path. Two hearts burning side by side to create a lighthouse beacon warning both of rocks ahead and signaling a safe entry to His harbor. Thank You for your hard work, and sharing His love with an eye on eternity.” Jeff – CA, USA

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