There is a global war raging — good vs evil. In reality, this is a spiritual war and it has become obvious to anyone looking on with enlightened eyes. In this spiritual battle, soldiers are needed. Are you ready to be an End Time Soldier? But how does one enlist into God’s army? How can a person take their rightful place and fulfill their assignment to fight for God and for good? The answer may surprise you.

Are you willing to fight in God’s army? Being united with God and His army is what allows the End Time Soldier to prevail. If you are connected to almighty God, if you are awake, thinking for yourself and led by the Spirit of God, then you are the enemy’s greatest fear.

In America, once the individual states decided to close the doors of the churches, many Christians finally woke up from a deep spiritual slumber. They awoke and could now see that battles lines had been drawn — good against evil. Light against darkness. millions have decided to sleep no more. Enough is enough. It’s time to join the battle.

Even though the rewards are great and abundant in God’s army, make no mistake… fighting in the battle is never easy. Matthew 16:24-25 says, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.”


Reminding you again, with God nothing is impossible.


Dale & Paula Black 


P.S: Recently, Dale and Paula flew to Los Angeles & Hollywood, CA where filming took place for a Discovering Heaven feature length film which is currently scheduled to be released later next year into at least 1600 theatres. Dale was extensively interviewed and his wonderful testimony shared in preparation for this production.
     We are praying that this documentary film will reach into the hearts of many who are searching for purpose in life, truth in this fallen world, and an answer for eternity. We will continue to share details as they become available. Please join us in praying that the production team will be faithful with the testimony and the message as it is produced for release. Special thank you is due to Tim Breuninger, Carlos Delgado and Carlo Lucido for funding this awesome evangelistic outreach.
     Included are a couple photos taken of the segment at the Portal of the Folded Wings Monument where the airplane crash took place. There is also one photo in the studio setting where the interviewing was done where some of the many photos of the crash were being sorted and prepared for film.



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What Others Are Saying:
  “I am not an American but i do agree with you Pastor Dale and Pastor Paula. Churches must be allowed to open and freely worship God. This is the perfect time for all genuine Christians to rise up and take actions. – Geenah
  “The hem of Jesus’ garment (tallit) was His prayer shawl….representing the connection between the power of God and man….clearly demonstrating to those reaching out for their miracle that the Kingdom of God is indeed among us! Reach out in faith to Jesus for your healing! Hallelujah!!” – Georgia
   “When people say that ‘we have not been appointed unto wrath’ as a defense, what about the one who wrote those words, didn’t he get executed after he was imprisoned? Weren’t all the apostles executed? Wasn’t John on the island if Patmos as a prisoner until he died? Why does the church think that now they have sone better position before God that will spare them from things the early church wasn’t? Jesus said that after the tribulation he will come on the clouds and THEN gather his elect to be with him. They say that these are the ones who repented during the tribulation but there’s no mention by Jesus of a secret rapture before he comes, and spare his believers from the tribulation.” – Pete
  “I love you ♥️Thank you so much for sharing your story. You helped this this lonely soul so much . God bless you. Please never stop sharing, helping the lost, you helped me and I’m so Grateful . You can see God working through you to save others please never stop. God bless.” – Jennifer
    “Thank you for sharing this divine message!!!” – Vee
    “I have been a professing atheist my entire adult life, that is until I watched the Discovering Heaven video about Dale’s airplane crash and his genuine suggestion that I read the red letters of a Bible to decide for myself if God is real and Jesus is His Son. I read Jesus words and my heart was changed immediately. I didn’t expect any of this, but Jesus is now my Savior. Thanks for telling your story.” Eric C.

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