Dale Black LIVE STREAMING on YouTube today! Watch Messages From Heaven: Electric Faith! 
Praise the Lord! With your help, the Dale Black Ministries Channel has EXPLODED on YouTube. God is reaching many tens of thousands of new people every single day. There is no better time for us to follow His lead then NOW! Thank you for helping us preach and teach God’s unfailing Word—to build up His church and to reach the lost.

Going LIVE on YouTube requires a whole new level of equipment, technical support and help. But this is a new avenue God can use to expand our reach and influence, to grow the channel and use YouTube’s algorithms to reach more people.
Tune in today at 2 pm PDT (5 pm EDT) to watch LIVE! Let’s launch this new outreach together as we LIVE STREAM the Messages From Heaven video today. The topic of today’s discussion will be ELECTRIC FAITH. It will blow your mind and inspire your heart to grow in the Lord and increase your faith.