Eagle Rock Church of Carlsbad

Eagle Rock Church will launch publicly NEXT YEAR with weekly Sunday services, beginning September 15, 2019. Motivated by the love of God and compassion for His people, God has been divinely orchestrating the planting of Eagle Rock Church of Carlsbad, a non-denominational Christian Fellowship in the San Diego north county area. This church will become an online presence so any who the Lord draws can receive its ministry.

We are seeking Covenant Partners, Prayer Partners and Leaders whose hearts are stirred to help plant a new church work. Do you believe God is nudging you to become an integral part of this new Christian Outreach where the Word of God is being preached locally and through Web-TV? If so, please email: captdale@daleblack.org.

The founder and lead pastor of this ministry outreach is Dale Black. Other pastors will be trained for leadership. We are looking for those God is calling to join the Launch Team in help prepare and minister in this new work. If your heart is stirred, please contact us at: captdale@daleblack.org.

Our mission at Eagle Rock Church is three-fold:

  • To preach and teach the uncompromising Word of God in person and through various media.
  • To bring the lost to Christ.
  • To strengthen and equip the Believer in the knowledge and Spirit-life of God.
  • To conduct regular Healing Meetings to minister healing to hurting people–body, soul and spirit.
  • To recruit and develop a church Launch Team in Carlsbad.

At ERC we strive for the high calling—to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind, and with all our strength. We also strive to love others as ourselves. We are determined to be a reflection of the Light, the Life and the Love of God.

It is our passion to help people connect with a personal God, guide them into a life with purpose, and help them discover and walk in God’s plan for their life. We desire to minister to those who want a meaningful and authentic spiritual life, not an impotent religion. We desire to provide an avenue for those who want to experience God’s supernatural presence and expression in their lives—to help fill the void in their hearts, and satisfy the unquenched thirst in their spirit.

If you feel stirred to offer your prayer support as an intercessor, click on the Intercessory Prayer tab. Your ministry contribution of intercession is greatly needed, no matter where you live. If you feel lead to contribute financially toward the launch and support of this ministry endeavor please go to the GIVING page.