Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau followed through with his threat to invoke the “Emergency Act” as the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy protests entered its 3rd week and appears to be gaining wide support, not only in Canada, but around the world.

This is an unprecedented move, as the Emergency Act has never been previously invoked since its passage in the 1980s. And he invoked it without Parliamentary approval.

It is a temporary measure that gives the government broad powers to suspend civil rights, similar to Martial Law, including the power to restrict travel, enter and seize private property, arrest people, among others. Trudeau has taken on the role of dictator.

Even before this announcement, there have been reports of people being visited in their homes from police who have been monitoring people’s speech on Facebook in regards to the protests.

Some of the leaders of the Trucker Freedom Protests gave a Press Conference earlier where they stated that they were not backing down, and were not afraid of the Canadian Government’s scare tactics. But are committed to peaceful protest in a stand for the rights of Canadians.