Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. – Colossians 3:2

Better job. Bigger house. New car. Nicer vacation. Big screen television. Things, things, more things!

Many of us have been faithful in our tithes and offerings as well as in our labor… and have experienced God’s blessings in our lives. This can be a wonderful thing. But often it is to such a degree that we end up taking too much of our time and energy attending to the “things” of life, while unintentionally giving our heart’s focus and affection over to this natural world—instead of to God.

When Paula and I learned firsthand about the vital importance of tithing and putting God first in all things, we were in desperate circumstances. We had a sudden turn of events that left us in financial straits. After being laid off, having renters move out suddenly without paying—including taking out their frustrations on our rental home—we found ourselves depressed and broke.

This was an important time to dedicate ourselves to prayer and to God’s Word, which may seem like a strange solution to some. But as we honored the Lord and put Him first, He honored us and eventually we were no longer desperate. Over time God blessed us in ways that stunned our families and friends and even we hadn’t imagined. Then came the real test of our faith. Would we serve God out of our love for Him instead of our desperation?

Well, praise the Lord, we did. However, in the process we learned something vital. It takes more dedication and surrender to serve God with all your heart when you’re prosperous than it takes when you’re desperate! When you’re blessed, there’s a constant temptation to get so caught up in earthly things that your desire for the things of God fades into the background.

When material blessings come your way, be grateful and remember: God has not blessed you so you can consume things on your own lusts. He has blessed you so that you will walk in the Spirit and do the job He has called you to do.

Today we encourage you not to let the things of this world cause you to miss out on the glorious things of the Spirit. What God’s Spirit has in store for you is most precious and wonderful. Keep your priorities in line with God’s Word. Set your mind on things above, and you’ll discover just how heavenly life was really meant to be!

Take some time and look into these verses of scripture also… Colossians 3:1-16

With God Nothing Is Impossible.

Always your brother and sister,

Dale and Paula

What others are saying:
“Oooo dear Dale. Every time I watch your messages I want to cry. You are so sincere. I am so glad God uses you to bring comfort to my soul. You radiate God’s love.”
Faan N. – Pretoria South Africa

   “Hi Dale-just wanted to touch base with you to say how much I appreciated your teaching on hearing God’s voice today. It really reinforces my own experience and walk with the Lord and it was encouraging to hear the principles spelled out again. My prayer for you and Paula is that you continue to run with endurance (emphasis on the word endurance) the race God has mapped out for you in this ministry. Be encouraged! HE will do it! God bless.” Mike and Judy – Melbourne Australia
   “God Bless You!” Clint J.
   “Thank you both so much for this glorious teaching from God’s Word. Using some of the very principles you just taught, God did a creative miracle in our Home Group last Wednesday; a color-blind woman received color-vision for the first time in her life! Praise the Lord!” Tim B.

   “Thank you and bless you for teaching 3-Steps to Hearing the Holy Spirit.” Georgia
   “Exactly what I needed and the best teaching I’ve heard on the subject. Thank you!” Shelly A.
   “May God continue to bless you and may His word come alive to so many.” Trevor

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