Completed Projects

Praise the Lord!

COMPLETE! When God spoke to Dale & Paula about moving away from California, it was a huge surprise. But moving became a clear directive from the Lord. So, with Kara and Paula and Dale doing most of the work, it was done fast at very low cost. Thanks to the donations of our partners, relocation was accomplished on an amazing schedule and on budget. PTL





The book Life, Cancer and God has been a blessing to so many. Many have turned to Jesus Christ as their answer, and several have reversed cancer entirely also. The message of power and hope was made possible by the generous support and help of one of our precious Partners and dear friend.








Glory to God and to the One who sits on His throne in the heart of Heaven. Book 1 of Visiting Heaven is finished and is available at the DBM Store. Thank you to the many who donated to help get Book 1 completed. We are still awaiting funding for Visiting Heaven Book 2.







The Web TV Project was the heart of Dale Black Ministries with Messages From Heaven video teaching and helped us purchase needed equipment and pay for technical support.

This project has kept the videos being filmed and produced for the first two years of ministry. God bless those of you who participated in keeping God’s message of love and hope with the power of the Holy Spirit going out to the world.

See the Tree of Life Project