Is it possible to communicate with a loved one who has died? What does the Bible say about contact with the dead?

We often receive questions from viewers regarding whether a person who has died can appear to a loved one. There are scores of books available telling people how to achieve this. Of course, these books sell well because this is just what people WANT… the ability to make things right, apologize or be comforted and guided by a deceased loved one.

The Bible clearly warns about seeking communication with someone who has died. Why would God give us such a warning? Because it is not actually that person—but an evil spirit masquerading as a loved one. This makes it very dangerous.

Many people write claiming to have been visited by a spouse, parent, or someone they love who has died. They express the comfort they have received from this visitation. Is this really their loved one or something else? As desirable as it might be to believe you are communicating with a departed loved one, as tempting as that could be, my suggestion is … don’t do it! When we open up communication with a spirit entity and accept this type of deception, we open the door to Satan to further deceive. I have heard more horror stories from these same people months, sometimes years after the initial visitation. These same persons who were so comforted at the beginning gradually became berated and punished later when their ‘loved ones’ real entity was revealed. Satan is crafty.

The Bible is clear… and God’s Word must be our source for truth. It tells us that when someone dies, their spirit and soul go immediately to either heaven or hell, and there is nothing in the Bible that would give us reason to believe that they would have any ability to leave either heaven or hell to visit living family members.

A word of caution is required here. If someone is repeatedly conversing or receiving messages from a person who has died, it is almost certainly a demon who is imitating someone familiar. Although this information will frustrate those who this has happened to… be aware that this is a common tactic that Satan often uses. It is a deception you must avoid. I know it’s compelling… but use extreme caution. Satan is crafty and his deceptions ultimately draw us away from trusting God to trusting who we believe is a departed loved one.

1 Timothy 4:1 “Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons…”

2 Corinthians 11:14 “…for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

Because we want it to be our loved one so desperately, we convince ourselves it is really them. But when we become focused on spiritual beings to guide us, comfort us, encourage and inspire us, we are in very dangerous territory. This is territory the Bible warns strongly against. If this is happening to you, take authority in Jesus name to stop these visitations.

These are experiences that will occur more and more as we near the end of this age. Satan is working hard to deceive followers of Jesus and weaken their reliance on God and His Word. If we allow Satan to deceive us in one area, we have opened a door that will likely escalate into more deception. The ultimate outcome is to undermine our faith.

Hebrews 1:14 tells us that God’s angels are “…ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them, who shall be heirs of salvation….” Angels are spiritual beings, and the Bible gives several examples of them appearing with physical bodies as God’s messengers or ministers. Angels never come as a loved one. God also sent the Holy Spirit to those who have placed their trust in Jesus for salvation. His role is to guide, comfort and lead them. God is not a God of confusion or deception.

In 1 Samuel 28:3–25 we have an example of a person in the Bible speaking with someone “familiar” who had died. The prophet Samuel had been God’s voice in Israel but had died. The Philistines had gathered for battle against Israel, and King Saul was desperate for direction. He inquired of the Lord, but the Lord did not answer him immediately. That’s when King Saul took it upon himself to speak to Samuel the prophet for guidance. In desperation, Saul sought out a medium, a woman with a familiar spirit to try and contact Samuel. A spirit did show up impersonating Samuel and Saul was deceived.

Leviticus 19:31 tells us clearly not to pursue communication with the dead. “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.”

According to scripture, God leads us with His written Word and the Holy Spirit. On occasion, God may send angelic messengers for a specific purpose but not in the image of your loved one. God’s Word is solid truth, and the only truth in this world. “Heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s Word will never pass away.” (Matthew 24:35). Particularly in these last days, deceptions will grow stronger. Now you must be more diligent than ever to make sure that what you are experiencing or believing is in complete agreement with scripture.

More than anything else, Jesus wants to live with you now, in this life and for eternity. Everyone on earth needs a Savior. Have you accepted the FREE gift that Jesus has offered? He desires to save you, free you and minister to you. But He will not force this free gift upon you – you must choose to accept Him yourself. Won’t you invite Him into your heart and life today? Surrender your life to Him… and ask Him to live His life in you.

Please know that we love you and we are praying for you. And remember, with God nothing is impossible!

Dale and Paula

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