Brook Jackson, is a clinical trial researcher based out of Texas. Back in September 2020, Brook was hired to work as a Regional Director at two clinical trial sites in Texas for Pfizer’s Phase III mRNA vaccine. Ventavia is the company to which Pfizer outsourced the trials, and the company that hired Brook.

By week 3 of her employment, Brook had witnessed so many inexcusable mishaps and protocols being broken that she felt there was no option other than documenting and reporting what she was witnessing. What unfolded during her short time at Ventavia and in the months that followed is truly mind-blowing.

After reporting the mishaps to her direct managers multiple times, and witnessing them attempting to conceal the issues rather than deal with them, Brook filed an official report with the FDA. Six hours later, she received a phone call from Ventavia saying that she was fired.

On September 25, 2020, Brooke called the FDA directly and was directed to their website to file a complaint. She filed a complaint with 14 issues, beginning with the words “It is without hesitation that I’m reporting patient safety issues”.

A few hours after filing the complaint, Ventavia called and fired her. She called an attorney and filed a “false claims act” against Ventavia and Pfizer. In doing that, the case immediately went under seal, meaning she was not allowed to discuss the study, and it stayed that way for over a year. Now that the US govt has declined to open an investigation themselves, the case has become unsealed and Brook has been unsilenced.