Choices do matter. Surprising to most people, is research that shows the primary contributor to chronic disease, including cancer – is how they are LIVING. How you think, pray, what you eat and drink, and how you handle stress are all controllable factors. And you have the ability to change your lifestyle in a way that brings your body back into health.

We live in a world ruled by cause-and-effect. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Your choices DO matter. How you think and what you put into your mouth matters greatly. Even what you put on your body matters. The location of where you live can have an effect. The type of water you drink and bath in can also play a part. Where you work can be is a factor. All of your choices combined, can promote health or sickness and disease.

Most diseases are the result of multiple “health destroying factors” in your life, that all come together simultaneously. These factors wipe out your immune system which is your primary protector against sickness and disease. The medical industry will tell you otherwise, that you have no responsibility… that it’s just bad luck. But truth is truth. There are tens of thousands of cancer patients, patients with heart disease, kidney disease and more, who are finding their way into permanent health through alternative, non-toxic methods—and many even discover this after the medical system has done all they can do without success and left them with no hope. HOW can this be, if all these disease (including cancer) are SO incurable?

Charlotte Gerson, the daughter and torch bearer of her famous father, a Jewish Doctor – Max Gerson, has said, “Diseases are systemic. When a cancer patient learns how to reverse cancer, the body heals itself of almost all other chronic diseases too.”

Let’s consider the way the medical system works when dealing with a disease like cancer. The medical industry wants you to think that your job is to show up for chemotherapy, radiation, sometimes surgery, take your prescription medicine on time, and to stay under the care of your medical specialist. That expresses how doctors think, pretty much about any health issue. Just let them handle things and you just do what they say.

Handing over your healthcare to someone else is a bad idea. You only have one body—why would you turn your healthcare decisions over to someone else. Usually it’s because you’re afraid and don’t have an understanding about diseases or how your body works.

The truth is that you have choices. And your choices can, and do, make the difference between survival and death. There’s a great deal that you can do to promote health and healing in your whole person — SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY.

That’s how my wife beat cancer. Her story is described in our book “LIFE CANCER & GOD.” If you need healing, remember to check out the Healing Way Workshops and Healing Way Revival, you will learn exactly HOW-WHEN-and WHO God heals and WHY. We’ll guide and teach you how to partner WITH God to get well, and STAY WELL. At the end of the workshop, I will pray for you personally–for God’s healing touch. Go to to learn more or sign up.

The entire medical cancer industry does not want you to believe that you have the ability to play any viable part in healing whatever disease or malady you suffer with. Or that you have any responsibility for to begin with. We’re led to believe disease is a fluke—that we were just one of the unlucky ones. But the fact of the matter is, most sickness and disease have ended up where they are by the way they live, how they think, what they eat and drink, and how they deal with stress. There are a few other ways as well which we’ll discuss in detail later in the HEALING WAY program.

If you’re getting this information, you are in a position to accept that you’re on a great path toward healing… for two obvious reasons: The first is that you’re dealing with the truth–and the truth is what sets a person free. Most health conditions–especially chronic disease–can be reversed by changing a person’s lifestyle permanently. Secondly, when you accept the fact that you have some responsibility for your situation, then you have become empowered. You are empowered because you can begin reversing your condition starting now.

For now it’s important not to blame yourself or to wallow in self-pity. If you feel and think like a victim you will trap yourself in a downward spiral. You are a victor in this battle – you are working with ALMIGHTY GOD the Creator of the universe, and the Healer of all. You must work WITH GOD. It is you, who will choose to be and are willing to do, what it takes to overcome. However it is crucial that you take the time to accept responsibility for your situation then to change everything from this moment forward. If you’ll do that, your chances of finding a permanent solution could not be better. By adding the miraculous power of the one true and living God… to the changes in your lifestyle, is a win—win.

God does want you well, and healing is always His desire. Remember, with God nothing is impossible.
Dale and Paula

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