It has happened again. As many of our faithful partners have written and told us, yesterday’s video content was censored and removed by YouTube. We uploaded the video three different times. With each attempt we made slight changes to look like a different video, even eliminating some of the more sensitive information. But still it was taken down all three times. This is not only about freedom of speech violations, this is life and death information being withheld from God’s people.

After five years of successful video releases through YouTube, the gospel of Jesus and relevant “Truth” is being assaulted. Yesterday’s most recent attack reminds us again that lines have been drawn. We live in perilous days. Our burden to speak the truth to the body of Christ and all who will listen couldn’t be more urgent! Can you help us?

Help us inform and prepare God’s people for what lies ahead. The spirit of Antichrist is growing stronger… the Church can no longer remain silent. The Church must wake up, grow stronger and be wise as serpents, yet as harmless as doves, just as Jesus instructed.

In an effort to equip believers for what is coming in the days ahead, we are committing to bring you more teaching like this information. But we need prayer and financial support to bring in some technical help. Your donations can help us get the needed equipment and personnel to fight back and ‘up the ante’ to preaching last day’s messages about what God would want us to know and about what Jesus would do.

This attack against our freedoms has reminded us it is past time to pick a side. There are two sides….right or wrong, God or Satan. Are you now seeing that Truth is being suppressed at an alarming rate?

The devil and his conspirators are waging war. They are targeting your mind and what you believe is true. The fake media in America and beyond is an enemy of the people. Satan is fighting for your beliefs and your allegiance to be swayed away from righteousness. Let us face this battle together, head-on. Help us continue bringing you relevant, new and powerful video content, even if banned on YouTube.

Some of our partners are suggesting that we attempt to set up on a different platform that will allow our content without censorship–which we are now attempting to do. Keep praying for this ministry. With your continued prayers and financial support we’ll try to get END TIME DELUSIONS to you later today, Lord willing.

Intercessors keep praying. The left speaks loudly and angrily and could hardly be more ungodly. In response, we are not backing down from the fight. If so many can say anything against America and our president without censorship, so should we be able to speak up for Jesus the Messiah, teach about God and His word, and share truths that bring freedom and strength in righteousness.

The spirit of Antichrist is growing stronger and becoming bolder. As followers of Jesus we must stand against it and become bold for truth and our faith. “Greater is He (our Lord Jesus Christ) Who is in us, than he (Satan) who is in the world!”

Dale and Paula

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