BREAKING: President Trump signs order to fight online censorship

We trust this Breaking News is helpful to you as we sort TRUTH from DECEPTION in these last days.

As most of you have learned, DBM recently experienced social media censorship. Our content was removed because a particular platform disagreed with the information we were releasing. This problem of censorship has been steadily growing over the last few years and has heightened further in 2020. Most social media is currently controlled by companies who are part of or complicit with the Deep State and the radical left.

Moments ago in the Oval Office, President Trump signed an Executive Order to fight online censorship by technology corporations, including social media platforms. This is big news! This action is the first BIG step to safeguarding religious and political content even if the Deep State disagrees with it.

The White House issued the following statement:
Every citizen—liberal, conservative, or otherwise—has a right to be heard and treated fairly online. Tech bias is a major issue facing our democracy. It challenges the free exchange of ideas and public debate that protects our civil liberties. In the next few hours, you may hear a lot about this NEW Executive Order. Left wing media will claim it addresses a fake problem because tech bias doesn’t exist. Democrats in Congress will say the President is exceeding his authority.

All of these are lies. Here are a few of the key actions in President Trump’s Executive Order:

  • Makes it U.S. policy that platforms who selectively edit, censor, or are not acting in “good faith” with regards to content will not receive the liability protection included in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
  • Directs the Commerce Department to petition the FCC to make clarifying rules on Section 230 in line with U.S. policy
  • Helps stop millions of taxpayer dollars from being wasted by federal agencies on advertising with biased social media platforms
  • Ensures the Justice Department will review more than 16,000 complaints about politically motivated censorship that were collected by the White House in advance of a Social Media Summit held last year
  • Mobilizes State Attorney Generals—who have massive subpoena and consumer protection authorities—to ensure social media platforms are not engaging in unfair or deceptive acts or practices
  • Acts as federal law and lists the many ways in which tech platforms act with bias against viewpoints they disagree with

Massive corporations that treat millions of American citizens unfairly shouldn’t expect special privileges and protections under the law. With President Trump’s Executive Order today, our country is one step closer to having an honest, fair public debate.

We trust this Breaking News is helpful to you as we sort TRUTH from DECEPTION in these last days.

You are being prayed for. Please let us know your requests so we can partner with you in prayer, and share your answers so we can rejoice with you.

Dale and Paula

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