The flu bug is dead! It had a long run of success at the CDC, being used to rake in $BILLIONS in sales over the years with the yearly influenza vaccine, but alas its run is over, as it has been replaced by the new, deadlier “virus,” COVID-19.

Oh, make no mistake about it, the CDC tried to keep both viruses alive to have double the fear factor, and double the sales in vaccines, but in the end there just weren’t enough sick people to go around and support both with actual death statistics.

So the flu died. COVID-19 is way more scary than the annual flu anyway. And people were just too used to the flu virus and were not fearing it as much anymore. And if you think I am using sarcasm here to make a point, then go listen to Anthony Fauci say the exact same thing back in 2019 when he stated people did not fear the flu enough anymore, and that something new was needed.