What do you do when your prayers don’t seem to get results? As Christians we believe in prayer. By faith we accept that prayer works. But why is it that sometimes our prayers seem to go unanswered? Watch this VITAL teaching on the power of persistent prayer.

Paula and I send this Message From Heaven video to you with great love and prayers for God’s best throughout all of 2018. And don’t forget, with God nothing is impossible.

Dale Black

Thank you partners and friends for helping make this message and the NEW bonus video (below) possible.

(Watch the “Visiting Heaven: Behind the Scenes – Episode 12″  bonus video. Click on Dale’s image below).

What Others Are Saying:
  “Thank you for your loving inspiration, I am on your juice regime and seeing results every day. God bless you Paula.” Carol D.
   “Amen. I’m blessed by your ministry and Love the Lord more because of your decision to serve Him. And He speaks to me clearly through you so thanks again for being an instrument.” Jack M.
   “An absolutely awesome testimony. GBY Dale! Recently I watched a video of Evel Knievel in an interview he did; I’m pretty sure that it was his last one. He talked in great length about his testimony of accepting Jesus as his savior. It was a great interview.” Eric L.

   “Thank you for you and wife for doing what you do. You speak from the heart and we thank you. Blessings from my wife Teena and I!” Joe M. III
   “I have been watching your videos and I just love the faith that you (Paula) and your husband display. Your faith is very dynamic and I am inspired to reach my maximum faith potential in God. Keep up the good work you are helping thousands of people all over the world. God bless you and Dale.” Charles

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Click image below to watch the Visiting Heaven: Behind the Scenes – Episode 12.

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Not sure you’re going to Heaven? Then watch  “Jesus said, You Must Be Born Again.” 

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