(caution: some bad language)

I know… we’re a ministry. And this particular blog/video is not preaching the gospel, as we normally do. But it is warning you and revealing truth. We, at DBM, understand that you may have concerns. You should also understand our concerns. Far too many are dying needlessly. Since we are instructed by God to WARN, PREPARE and TEACH His body about how to be fruitful and effective, and to persevere and overcome in the world in which we live, we sometimes must use non-traditional methods. People recognize what is false by FIRST knowing what is true!

Watch ‘ATTACKING COVID GOD’S WAY” by Dale & Paula Black (even if you’ve taken the vaccine) – Coming Next Week!

Some who follow Messages From Heaven videos still don’t comprehend the silent global war that is poised to eliminate much of the world’s population. In short, there are too many DBM partners that are unaware of the daily, lethal dangers which are preventable. 100% preventable! Just this week, some of our precious partners have lost family members to the lies told in the field of medicine. We have been calling this medical murder for 26 years. This week some of our partners have had their own personal life permanently altered due to the lies of “fake” science and medical tyranny. It still saddens us and stuns us that there are so many who are unaware of the goals and methodology of their true enemy.

We have been instructed by the Lord Jesus, Himself, to make certain information available to His body. This video is one of many that is censored and banned on almost every platform because it is validated, true and tells people what is REALLY happening in medicine–contrary to the propaganda narrative.

Project Veritas is not connected to DBM, but is a credible undercover reporting organization. In this video they expose more truths about the shots, the aftermath and false statistics. Become more informed. At least take a look at this video which includes interviews with whistleblowers in the medical system. Know about what’s really happening behind the media censorship and false narratives. Be prepared for some bad language. Remember, we are at war.

#1 Cause of Death in the USA? Hospitals!
There is a reason that the number one cause of death in the USA is now medical protocols, medical error and/or negligence. Hospitals have become death traps and it’s getting so bad that the healthcare workers are waking up. For those of us who have studied the medical industry for decades, this fact is already understood. See Winning Over Cancer Ministries for more. In the cancer industry, the approved medical treatment protocol is more deadly for the patient than the cancer. In today’s Covid world, the same principles are in effect.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” John 8:32.

It is important for God’s people to always seek out God’s truth in order to be free from Satan’s evil traps. God’s people recognize what is false by FIRST knowing what is true!

Once again, me reminding you, that with God nothing is impossible!

Dale Black

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Sadly, Mockers of Anti-Vaxxers Continue to Die After Taking the COVID-19 Injection.


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What Others Are Saying:
  “Thank you for your boldness in sharing about the dangers and consequences of the vaxx. My wife and I are very disappointed when pastors choose to leave this subject to silence and even worse that some pastors endorse and encourage their ‘sheep’ to get it. The talk about this subject is much like preaching the gospel, some are thankful and repent others leave in a rage. Makes me think of Jesus telling of the difference between a ‘true shepherd’ and the hired hand that flees when he sees the wolf coming for the sheep.
John 10:12 The hired hand is not the shepherd and does not own the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it.” Eric – Canada
    “So very true. Thank you for living your life for Jesus and standing strong in Him. Thank you for speaking the truth about evil spirits. We are in agreement with you. God bless you both.” Angela
    “So so SO good! Loved this all. Confirms my focus. Thanks Paula” Bonnie – Canada
    “Thanks for sticking to the Word of God, Dale. Thanks for insights offered in this video. “No fanfare” sounds right. So many of God’s planned events fly under the radar, e.g., the birth of Christ in a humble manger. The wise men knew what was going on, but few others.” Chet – AZ
  “I battle fear but with Jesus I am over coming it! After 3 years, your message is still true. Thanks a bunch!” Susan 
    “Let me stand in agreement with you all. Dale, your word spoken about not putting this vaccine into the temple of the Holy Spirit. Powerful! Wise words from these brothers and sisters. Thank you. I think we all see what is at the door. Stand everyone and keep standing on God’s word and hear His Holy Spirit. Psalm 91 is true. Apply it to our hearts Lord. You alone are our truth, the measuring tape of our souls. Praise the Lord for His help. Amen. Don B – Washington

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