This summer we’re focusing on HEALING through partnership with God. And today’s video is all about destroying disease God’s way through effective healing. Everyone, at one time or another, is confronted with sickness or disease – either in your own body or in someone you love. Once you’re sick, don’t you find that healing becomes your primary focus and goal? After I was the only survivor of an airplane crash, I learned much of what I’ll be sharing with you. It took me a period of many years to learn what you will learn in a fairly brief period of time. In this video I’m here as your healing coach – to help you with nuggets of truth that will provide solutions to whatever battle you’re fighting. Today I’ll be sharing Part 1 – Dealing with Disease God’s Way.

According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention, the List of top chronic diseases in America are: Heart Disease, Cancer, Chronic Lung Disease, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and Chronic kidney Disease. Are you or a loved one struggling with one of these? Throughout this summer, we’ll deal with all of these and more WITH a special emphasis on Cancer. Did you know that if you heal one disease your heal all disease. That may surprise you because the medical system treats each disease separately. That’s because they only deal with symptoms… not the root problem.

If you’re dealing with pneumonia, Lupus, AIDS, the flu, or even a runny nose, or you’ve been in an accident, like I was—this same information can help greatly. You should know that in addition to these Healing Way videos, Paula and I are teaching in-depth monthly 2-day workshops beginning in August to help those struggling with sickness or disease to find the healing they need. Especially Cancer.

Part 1 of the FIRST KEY: In order to get well we need to dig into some powerful truths and deal with first things first. In Part One, I’ll be providing a general overview to get you started… and likely change the way you’re thinking about your condition, and about your overall life.

The first concept is this: the diagnosis of whatever DISEASE you’re dealing with… is your wake-up call. Consider this a blessing in disguise in a sense, because there is a reason that disease has shown up in your body. Trust me as I explain. This exact same thinking happened to my wife and me when she was diagnosed with aggressive TERMINAL cancer.

Consider that you have received a tap on the shoulder from an angel from heaven. And this tap brings with it the message that can save your future. The message is this…. Something about the way you’ve been living is killing you—it’s time to learn why – so that you can do something about it.

The way you’ve been living is killing you—it’s time to learn why.

But there is good news in knowing this. The good news is… your diagnosis brings you to the beginning of your solution. Now is the time to take complete responsibility for your life and your health—so that you can manage the outcome.

One of the most important things we did after my wife was diagnosed with cancer was to be completely honest with ourselves and consider the fact that maybe this cancer was our fault. The more we learned about what cancer is, the more we realized that she gave it herself. This is the case with just about every chronic illness. So, this first step is a vital one. Consider it… STRONGLY. By knowing this, she and I could make different choices and contribute to her health for a permanent solution. Now if you’re dealing with Heart Disease or other any chronic disease, I invite you to do the same thing. Why? Because this step is Key to solving the problem permanently.

It’s like sin… if you don’t accept responsibility and repent, there’s no solution available to you. God’s hands are tied until you do that first.

As I immediately began doing the research for my wife’s condition, it became obvious to us that cancer was the result of lifestyle more than anything else. What Paula was eating, drinking, how she was thinking, and how she was handling stress were what contributed to her disease and were controllable aspects that she was responsible for and could change.

So today in Part 1 of Key 1 we have discussed that chronic disease is not a random occurrence. It is something that will heal when you bring your whole person—body, soul and spirit—into agreement with God’s design. In Part 2 we’ll talk more about how to determine why you have disease and move toward getting rid of it permanently.

You can learn more about Paula’s cancer and the cure in our book “LIFE CANCER & GOD” as well as at WINNING OVER CANCER.COM

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But in closing for today, think about your disease as an angelic tap on the shoulder to get your attention. And that now is the time to consider that fact that: the way you’ve been living is killing you—it’s time to make changes

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God does want you well, and healing is always His desire. Remember, with God nothing is impossible. Dale and Paula

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