The first dimension, of course, is the spiritual realm which is at work all around us. It is where God resides and where Heaven is located. As the only survivor of an airplane crash, Capt. Dale Black’s story is inspirational, enlightening and is recorded in two books: “Visiting Heaven” and “Flight To Heaven,” (available at DBM store). Dale shares more of his experience from Moody, Alabama.

The 50th Anniversary of Dale’s miraculous survival of an airplane crash has arrived. Anyone, anywhere, can participate in the event via Live Streaming on FaceBook. Tune in on July 18th by going to “Capt. Dale Black” FB page. (Partners and Donors of Dale Black Ministries: you are invited to a private celebration in person. Feel free to bring a guest.)

Remembered as perhaps aviation’s most ironic crash, this special anniversary is yet another way we can recognize the power and love of God. Who not only spared Dale’s life but healed his body and restored his dreams giving him 50 more years of aviation and ministry. What a mighty God we serve!

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Dale and Paula

What Others Are Saying:
    “God bless you in Jesus’ mighty Name! I love you so much. What beautiful lives of service to our glorious God and soon-coming King.” Cynthia – Tennessee
   “My wife and I are so enriched by the excellent teaching from you both. In the light of what Jesus taught, His investment in you is giving a hundred-fold return. I know He is pleased with your labours! Your tragedy 50 years ago Dale, so aligns with Joseph of Egypt… what was meant for evil against him, God meant for good, in order for many lives would be saved. You are all such beautiful people, we love you dearly.” Eric & Bonnie – Canada
    “Captain Dale and Miss Paula – Dynamic Duo!!! We love you guys so much ! Your ministry is so unique in that it speaks to the common person’s heart and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. You two are so “down to earth” and yet your messages are obviously not of this earth. Your personal stories of God’s healing hand over your lives leaves a person in awe.” Frank & Leslie – Washington
   “Dear Dale and Paula, I heard of your life and story last year and was so touched personally after my husband had gone to heaven unexpectedly. I wrote Dale and he so kindly wrote me back, which meant so much to me. You both are truly blessed by God and it is an amazing story of the way you care of others and reach out to others for the love of Christ. In my 72 years I’ve never been so blessed by any other ministry. JoRena – Georgia

Not sure you’re going to Heaven? Then click on the following video link: “Jesus said, You Must Be Born Again.”

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