Last year was one of great outreach and new developments here at DBM. The primary outreach ministries includes “Messages From Heaven,” “Healing From Heaven” and “Winning Over Cancer” Ministries. God has opened many doors and closed others.

More than ever, we recognize that our faith is a living and moving spiritual river that must stay tuned in to the Holy Spirit’s leading. The scripture in Proverbs 16:9 is more relevant than ever. “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” 

The Lord seldom shows us the end result of His plan for our life or ministry, but instead leads us step by step. As we are faithful with one step He reveals the next–each new step requiring faith. We enter 2020 with clear vision, which will unfold throughout this next year. But the primary purpose of this letter is to look back at what the Lord accomplished though Dale Black Ministries and you, during 2019.

Paula and I thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support throughout the last year, which has allowed DBM to minister to more people. Thank you for joining us as we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and preach and teach His word without compromise. Praise the Lord!

We are in awe of the lives changes, souls saved and people who were healed throughout 2019. Through your partnership with DBM, God has accomplished more victories than we can count.

Summary: This last year was filled with battles, yet we saw our numbers more than quadruple in viewership. With an steady increase in LIKES and SHARES, new subscribers and most of all… new SOULS reached with the gospel. We have filmed, produced and released 68 new videos in 2019. We give the Lord praise!

Salvations: DBM ended the year with the most exciting number of all—674. Six hundred and seventy-four individuals responded by profession of faith to invite Jesus into their lives through the “Book Your Heaven Flight” page on the DBM website. Hundreds of these people wrote to us and we have communicated with them personally. Praise the Lord!

Stats: The Dale Black Ministries YouTube Channel is growing with subscribers. We started 2019 with 3,590 subscribers receiving the gospel message of Jesus Christ and the teaching of God’s Word. And as we begin 2020, one year later, we are well over 12,000. This represents about 300% increase. More are watching and responding every day with total views up to 1,655,000 and growing. This is just one channel. Combine all sources, and our views are now estimated at 3,475,500 in total.

During this last year we expanded:
LIVESTREAMING: With new equipment added and additional tech support and training, we have added the ability to include Livestreaming videos.
We have used this upgraded technology to provide Healing From Heaven on Wednesdays LIVE since October, as well as the 2-day Healing Workshops during the summer. Livestreaming has proven to add an effective and useful avenue of ministry, allowing more to receive God’s Word.
Livestreaming also enabled many to actively participate in special events such as the 50th Anniversary event of the airplane crash. This exciting event was aired LIVE in July and was the beginning of some explosive growth for the ministry.

The Web-TV project is the vehicle that supports making new videos, acquiring new production equipment and paying for technical support. Web-TV Project is critical in allowing us to continue to produce every video from Dale Black Ministries (Messages From Heaven and Healing From Heaven).

Our Web-TV project is now 61% complete (with 397 of 650 pixels sponsored). Praise the Lord! However, due to not reaching the budgeted goal in 2019, we will be required to scale back on the Healing From Heaven LIVE broadcast every Wednesday to a once-a-month broadcast on the first Wednesday of each month. The good news is we are staying debt free. As we trust in the Lord, we are confident in His ability to direct and provide for whatever He leads us to accomplish for His kingdom. For more information about the Web-TV project, please visit the website under ministries.

OUTREACH in 2019:
Through radio interviews, speaking in churches, Healing Workshops and Livestreaming events, both Dale and Paula have continued to preach the gospel, share the good news of God’s Word and see Christians strengthened in their faith and new believer’s accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Messages From Heaven is now being aired on public TV in Palau by a Christian ministry in that area. Praise the Lord!

This last summer we conducted two LiveStreaming 2-day workshops with people attending in person and throughout the country and Canada via LiveSteam. It was a glorious time of spiritual growth, new understanding about how God heals, powerful prayer for the individuals who attended, and seeing healings that took place.

Two books were released in 2019 – The Believer’s Anti-Cancer Workbook by Dale Black and UNLOCKED: The Shocking Truth About Cancer by Dale Black. A 2-DVD set called Flight To Heaven was released commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Dale being the only survivor of a fatal airplane crash.

Looking Forward to More Impact in 2020:
We’re already producing new videos and newsletters for 2020. We are expecting new growth and exciting new opportunities of ministry. In addition, we’re working on two books and ministering on a personal level to family, friends, and acquaintances as well as answering hundreds of emails every month. We’re doing our best to be good and faithful stewards with all God is bringing to us. Again, we thank YOU for your support and encouragement that is providing the building blocks for this ministry.

We are expanding the Winning Over Cancer ministry this year as we reach more people in need, through teaching, coaching and workshops. Exciting and powerful new books and DVD’s are in production which you will hear more about in the coming months.

Invitations to speak and do interviews continue to come in for both Dale and Paula from around the country and throughout the world. New opportunities for ministry abound. As God provides through our faithful partners and donors we expect to take fruitful ground throughout 2020.

How You Can Help:
We have filmed, produced and released 315 videos to date. Please continue to LIKE and SHARE the videos as this triggers the algorithm for our videos to be suggested more often to new people. When you see a video from DBM… click the LIKE button… then SHARE it. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and click the bell to be notified as soon as a new video becomes available.
Become a PARTNER with DBM. Our partners are our life-blood and keep us moving forward.
PRAY for the Ministry. Prayer is a powerful force that protects us and opens the doors God has provided.

We are in awe of all the Lord has accomplished in the last year. Your prayers for protection and God’s blessing are crucial in this new year. Of course, your financial support and Partnership is also greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you for all you do to keep us moving forward. May God bless you back multiplied over!  You remain in our hearts and prayers.

Dale & Paula
Let’s always remember, with God nothing is impossible.


What Others are Saying:

    “Thank you Dale for those very inspiring remarks! I feel closer to the Lord thanks to you. We have bought many copies of Visiting Heaven and will be distributing them to special folks in need of them soon. We love the Bible and read it daily. My wife put her wedding rings up for sale with trusted jeweler and we will be donating that to you. Thank you again! We love you guys!” Rick and Darlene
    “I have decided that I am going to send my tithe to your ministry. I have been a Christian for a long time and know a lot of Bible scripture but your ministry has helped me to know how to live by what I have learned. My biggest regret is that I didn’t find you earlier! My husband passed away in 2016 from stage 4 colon cancer and I believe he would still be alive today if I had found you when he was diagnosed. I want to do my part to help reach others for Jesus. Please use the money I give where it can be used the best.” Vicki – ID
    “Thank your for sharing your experience with others, to be a testimony of God’s existence. In these modern times God still chooses people through whom he speaks to us. And one of them is you. Although you are a really down-to-earth person you remind us that our goal is to go to heaven. We are just pilgrims on this earth.” Ilse – Switzerland
    “Dear Dale and Paula, what a great video for the New Year. Keep doing God’s work here on earth.
You both amaze me with the faith and the love for the Lord you have.” Linda – NY

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