Welcome to the new year and likely a time of new beginnings. It’s a great time to make some fresh beginnings for your life and future with some powerful decisions. The purpose of this letter is to bring our partners up to date on DBM ministry activities and accomplishments for the last year.

Paula and I thank you for your generosity and your prayer support in 2018. With God’s help we’ve ministered to more people this year than ever and are in position to reach important goals in 2019. Glory to God!

Your partnership remains a vital part of our mission and we look forward to seeing what God will do through you and us in 2019. Thank you for joining us as we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and preach and teach His word without compromise.

Summary: This last year was filled with battles, yet we saw our numbers more than double in viewership, LIKES, and SHARES, subscribers and SOULS reached. These numbers were on schedule to triple except for some large attacks on Dale Black Ministries and on us personally. But God’s Word went out and together we have filmed, produced and released 246 videos to date. We give the Lord praise!

Salvations: DBM ended the year with the most exciting number of all—576. Five hundred and seventy-six individuals responded by profession of faith to invite Jesus into their lives through the “Book Your Heaven Flight” on the DBM website. Hundreds of these people wrote to us and we have communicated with them personally. Praise the Lord!

Stats: The Dale Black Ministries YouTube Channel is growing with subscribers up to 3,590. More are watching and responding every day with total views up to 484,440. This is just one channel.  Combine all sources, and our views are now estimated at 1,937,760 in total. In total since 2015 246 DBM videos have been released preaching and teaching God’s Word.

Upgraded Videos: With the awesome volunteer help from a video professional, Steve Collett, DBM produced and released 54 videos in 2018. This represents more than one a week and much prayerful effort and tens of thousands watched and learned and many responded. Again, may all glory go to the Lord. At the same time, thanks to Steve, Kara and all of our partners and donors to help make this possible.

Hacking: Many of you know our website was hacked and we were shut down for about a week and slowed down for a month. Yet, thanks to your prayers and financial support we weathered that storm. With our bank and website technician’s help, we’ve put many new safeguards in place to make us stronger than ever.

Shadow Banding Continues: This year DBM has involuntarily joined a ever increasing group of Christian conservatives to have been the target of an attack on freedom of speech as well as an attack on Christian values. Our sources tell us that the attack is for preaching in the name of Jesus and that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. The same week that DBM’s website was hacked, the DBM YouTube channel experienced what is called ‘shadow banding.” This means that as a ministry we have been selected to have a reduction in YouTube’s algorithms. As a result 85% of the outreach to new viewers disappeared overnight. Steps are being taken to recover this reduction over this next year. We are determined to just keep preaching and teaching. Apparently, this did not seeming affect our subscribers or donors. All partners and donors are still receiving the YouTube videos as before. If this is not your experience, please let us know.

Solutions to Win: We are working to add other avenues as a result. Of course we’re trusting that God will work this for our good and His glory. But please do keep praying. These types of persecutions and attacks are to be expected on the front lines and, although a little fatigued, our zeal is not dimmed.

Personal Battle: Our personal home is still pretty much a mess from the water damage and construction has gone on now for three months. We’re assured that this will be over by the end of January. Thank you for your prayers!

When we chose to follow God and not retire, we sold most of what we owned and planted our personal funds and book royalties into this ministry to get it ‘jump started’. We’re so glad we did. And we’d do it again because we are in ministry to fulfill the call God has placed on our lives. It’s not about what we get, it’s about giving and obeying. God is faithful, and with YOUR prayers and financial support, we believe the victory is ours.

More Impact in 2019: We’re already producing many videos and newsletters for 2019 and this year, Lord willing, we are discussing plans to conduct “Live Streaming” to our partners and friends. In addition, we’re working on two books and ministering on a personal level to family, friends, and acquaintances as well as answering hundreds of emails every month. We’re doing our best to be good and faithful stewards with all God is bringing to us. Again, we thank YOU for your support and encouragement.

Last year Satan robbed us of time, energy and resources that belong to God’s kingdom. But we have great joy in this battle because, “Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world!” 

How You Can Help Now: LIKE and SHARE. You can REALLY help us to keep preaching and, in a sense, fight back this way: When you see a video from DBM… click the LIKE buttonThen SHARE it. Send the videos on to someone else each and every time you think it is worthy. Experts tell us that LIKING and SHARING is the key to fighting back against being ‘shadow-banded’ and hopefully reverse this due to the popularity of the channel.

Your prayers for protection and God’s blessing for us and the ministry are crucial. Of course, your financial support and Partnership is also greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you for all you do to keep us moving forward. May God bless you back multiplied over!

Dale & Paula
Let’s always remember, with God nothing is impossible.


What Others are Saying:
    “Thanks Again for all your messages. I read them and pass them on to family members so they will also be prepared. God Bless You both!!” Toni – MN
    “I would like to firstly thank God for your ministry and how powerfully He is using it. Especially in my life. Also would like to say thank you… to you, Paula and your daughter. A thank you for what you do in God’s kingdom. And APPRECIATION of what you do as missionaries. It brings tears to my eyes!!” Gawie – So. Africa
    “So glad you are acting as watchmen on the walls.” Ivan – Australia
    “Once again Dale and Paula you give me great hope. God bless you both.” Nancy – U.K.
    “My continued prayers, thoughts and love for you Dale, Paula and Kara and Dale Black Ministries. God Bless You and may you continue to prosper and spread the love of Jesus and the Gospel around the world.” Sherry – KY

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