Personal Message from Dale and Paula:

This year brought about two BIG answers to prayer for us personally as well as some life-changing events.

   Due to continued pain and increased immobility in Dale’s left ankle joint from the airplane crash, after much prayer and several consultations, we scheduled a major surgery (made up of 3 procedures) on Dale’s ankle in early February. (These injuries are different than the bones that God healed in 1970. This is the ankle joint that has been eroding for many years.) When looking at Dale’s x-rays, his highly expert surgeon remarked that in a matter of two or three months there would have been irreparable damage to the joint. In this case, we asked God to use a skilled surgeon to repair the deterioration of Dale’s injured ankle joint from the airplane crash. There are now new techniques NOT available in 1969. It has taken months of recovery but he is now out of cast and boot and beginning to walk normally once again. Praise the Lord!

   The second answer to prayer was a big move. Though moving is never fun, we were thrilled when God opened doors to make this possible. So, we and the ministry were able to relocate late this year to North San Diego County. We have been believing for this event for several years and praise the Lord for His timing. We are now living close to our daughter, Kara, who is a blessing in the ministry and will now be able to be more involved.

   Another event that occurred this year was the passing of Paula’s mother. Though she was not ill with disease, suddenly she was dying. It was God’s time to take her Home. Paula was able to spend 10 days with her at the end and it was a beautiful Home going. Again, we can only praise the Lord for the hope of Heaven and God’s faithfulness to us through Jesus. What a blessing to have the opportunity to tell her “goodbye” and that the next time we would greet each other would be when she came to meet us when we arrive in Heaven. What a blessed hope we have!

DBM Ministry Update

As we wrap up the final days of 2016, God’s power can be clearly seen in the lives of our Partners and Subscribers. We have received wonderful emails with praise reports, stories of family members being saved and the Lord using His Word to change hearts and encourage people around the globe. God is using the Web-TV and Video programs big time. He is also using our tools, such as DVD’s, the books Flight to Heaven, Life, Cancer and God, How God Heals, as well as the Cancer Coaching ministry, to change more lives than we could have imagined. We feel so blessed to be used by God in such powerful ways and we THANK YOU for your prayers and financial support which allows us to continue doing what God has called us to do. We are excited to share an update on the many things the Lord has done in 2016.

Web-TV Project (A few recent Comments and Emails): …Learn More…

  • What a blessing! So many truths I need to absorb. I’m looking forward to learning more. I’m literally going to need to rebuild from the foundation up. Thank you for such useable and important teaching. Shelly
  • The first few words of your video are gems of truth, I am believing it and speaking it. Amen mate. Tom
  • Thank you for the hope and for the new understanding of those verses! Lord bless you with wisdom on top of wisdom and spread your ability to share the messages God gives you through many diverse avenues! Heidi
  • I love your teaching. Seems it is always something I need to hear. Thank you for your ministry. Patty

Our underlying foundation is to preach and teach God’s uncompromising Word so that Christians can experience God’s purpose and His blessing in their lives. Our Web-TV program serves to educate and teach the Body of Christ how to live in health and experience healing—sprit, soul and body.

Over 110 videos have been filmed with over 68,000 views in just two years. We have more than 500 YouTube subscribers and almost 5,000 people have signed up to receive our Free Newsletters. We are thrilled to report that 624 people have made the decision to give their heart to Jesus as their Lord and Savior because of this ministry’s outreach. Please continue to pray for these new Believers.

Because of your giving, we now have received support for 63 pixels and we have been able to add equipment and software for filming and editing videos and are preparing to launch the Life, Healing and God TV program. We have also been able to produce several DVD’s on health and healing and have started the healing workshops for those who are fighting any disease or chronic illness. …Learn More…

Heaven Book Series

Exciting news about the sequel to Flight to Heaven—a Book Series on HEAVEN in which Dale describes his heavenly journey in magnificent detail. This new book series has been written and is awaiting funding for editing and production. We will share more about this project in our next email, but once we receive some needed resources this project can be available within 60 days. Be on the lookout for updates. ...Heaven: Life After Dying…Learn More

Writing books has been the heart of this ministry as it allows the uncompromised Word of God to reach so many people. Over 450 books have been given away and placed in public places such as jail, retirement homes, doctor’s offices and airport lobbies where many have been moved to read the amazing testimonies. We receive emails every day from someone who has found one of these books.

   (Testimonial) I was arrested and put in jail in solitary confinement. I didn’t not know how long I was going to be there. Needless to say this was the lowest point of my life, but they did let me pick out books to read and I read your book twice. I have repented and have ask the lord to come into my life and I have turned over my life to him. Thank you again for your book and your ministry, you are a life saver.  Jack


Dale has had a difficult time traveling in recent months due to his recent surgery but now that his ankle is healing nicely (thank God for how He heals) we are excited to have started booking more opportunities for him to speak at churches around the country. This has always been a wonderful tool God has used to share his testimony and win souls, as many people invite their unsaved friends to these events. There is nothing better than being used by God to bring a lost soul into his kingdom. We look forward to spreading the good news through more speaking engagements this year. …Learn More…

Looking Forward

We look forward to a fruitful 2017, with more lost souls being brought into God’s kingdom and believers being strengthened in their Christian life—spirit, soul and body.

May you experience life in the center of God’s will this next year. We also thank you for being a vital part of all that God is doing and has done through DBM. Together we can achieve so much more than either of us can alone.

Our gratitude overflows for those who have contributed financially and who faithfully pray for us and this ministry. THANK YOU!

If you would like to make a financial contribution before year’s end, please click on the image below. Your gifts allow us to continue to reach more with the “good news”.

All contributions received on or before 11:59 p.m. PST on December 31, 2016, will be eligible for a 2016 tax deduction.

   May you experience a victorious 2017, walking in God’s provision and supernatural blessings.

With God Nothing is Impossible!
Dale and Paula


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