“Winning Over Cancer” – Healing Workshops

Capt. Dale Black 
author of best-selling “Flight To Heaven”
and Paula Black
author of “Life, Cancer and God”
Healing Workshop

Healing Your Body, Soul & Spirit —
Reversing Cancer One Person at a Time!
Holiday Inn Carlsbad – 2725 Palomar Airport Rd, Carlsbad, CA
1:00 – 5:00 PM
Saturday – April 14, 28, May 12 (see more dates below)
* Each Workshop is unique with different material than the previous workshop.

Admission is Free – but registration is required.
Register 48 hours of more before to Receive a FREE ANTI-CANCER DVD!

“FORGET EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT CANCER! Dale and Paula’s biblical perspective and their unique Body, Soul & Spirit approach is the “missing link” for anyone dealing with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, leukemia and other chronic illnesses. Every person, sick or well should attend Winning Over Cancer workshops.”
– Dr. Robert W. Christensen, Maxillofacial Surgeon

Here are a few things you will learn:
* How you can beat or prevent cancer and most ALL sicknesses and diseases
* How to identify and treat ROOT CAUSES of cancer, not just symptoms
* How to activate real faith for your healing
* How to strengthen and heal your God-given immune system
* Today’s most dangerous health mis-information
* If healing is God’s will, why aren’t more Christians healed?
* And much more!

“Statistics from the American Cancer Society state that one in two men; one in three women will get cancer in their lifetime. Attending the Life, Healing & God Workshop could save your life!”
– Rhonda McCue, RN & Hospice Nurse

You will receive:
* 10% discount on your selection of any of the following products:
– “How God Heals” by Dale Black (audio book, 3 CD set)
– “Life, Cancer and God” by Paula and Dale Black (book)
– “Flight To Heaven” by Capt. Dale Black (best-selling book)

Discover COMPLETE victory over cancer by blending the Natural Laws of Health with God’s Spiritual Laws of Healing.
*Dale & Paula will be available to personally pray for you following the Workshop.

 About the Teachers
Capt. Dale Black and Paula Black – Authors / Teachers / Ministers

Capt Dale Black
Author of:
“How God Heals”
“Flight To Heaven”
“Visiting Heaven”
Co-Author: “Life, Cancer and God”

As the only survivor of perhaps aviation’s most ironic crash, Dale sustained massive life-threatening injuries. Told he would never walk again, use his arm or see from his eye… his childhood dreams of becoming an airline pilot were crushed.

However, following the airplane crash Dale experienced a journey to Heaven that changed him forever. From a wheelchair, Dale began studying his Bible with an open heart. After months of learning about God and His ways, the miraculous slowly revealed itself. To the shock of Dale’s doctors and family, Dale regained the use of his entire body, and his missing memory. After reaching his dream of being hired by a major airline, Capt. Dale would surrender his professional airline position to teach others about Jesus Christ and the benefits of believing God and His word.

Paula Black
Author of “Life, Cancer and God”
Director: “Winning Over Cancer Ministries”

In the prime of life—wife, mother, business woman—Paula, heard the dreaded words: It’s cancer! Doctors gave her 3 to 6 months to live. She and her husband immediately turned to God. They discovered the body, soul and spirit approach to God’s healing—treating the root cause of disease, not just symptoms. Against her doctor’s advice, Paula followed her God given plan until her advanced-stage cancer was gone—without chemo, without radiation, without additional surgery or drugs. Now Paula teaches others how to find healing by combining spiritual truths with the natural laws of health.

Admission is Free – but registration is required.
Register 48 hours of more before to Receive a FREE ANTI-CANCER DVD!

2018 DATES for Winning Over Cancer – LIVE Workshops:
April 28
May 12, 26
June 9, 23
July 7, 21
August 4, 18
Sept 8, 22
Oct 6, 27
Nov 17
Dec 8
* Each Workshop is unique with different material than the previous workshop.