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LIFE, CANCER and GOD by Paula Black and Capt. Dale Black
How I Beat Terminal Cancer -
Using Spiritual Truths with the Natural Laws of Health


Capt. Dale Black has flown as a commercial pilot all over the world, but one flight changed his life forever – an amazing journey to heaven and back. He shares the astonishing story of being the only survivor of a horrific airplane crash… an accident so catastrophic that it was classified by the FAA as "non-survivable". Just after taking off, the plane slammed into the top of a 75’ tall, 50’ wide, Aviation Memorial, ironically called “The Portal Of The Folded Wings”. The aircraft disintegrated. The pilots collided with the solid concrete and marble structure at 135 mph then free fell 70’ to the ground. The first witnesses to the scene determined that all three of the pilots were dead. Following the crash, Dale hovered between life and death for three days. Yet during this time something truly amazing occurred; he experienced a preview of life in God’s presence. What he saw, what he heard, and what he learned there will change your concept of this life and the afterlife - forever.


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