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"Of all the books about heaven, this one's the best!"
Tim Breuninger - San Diego, CA

As a publisher of four Canadian Best Sellers, a Search and Rescue Pilot, Photographer and Christian, I have found "Flight To Heaven" by Captain Dale Black, one of the most inspiring books I have ever read! It is easy to read, factual and from the moment you start, you won't want to put it down. My wife and I ordered 15 copies for friends we love, just hours after finishing this amazing story.
Mike Biden - Retired SAR Pilot

Wow! Where do I even begin? The details of this book were so incredible that I felt as if I was on this journey as I read. This story has edified my faith that God is who He says He is and will do what He said He will do!! Aside from the Bible, this is by far the best book I have ever read!! It enveloped me from beginning to end. For anyone searching for the truth about this life or the afterlife, this book is for you.
Dana McCue - Memphis, TN

Next to the Bible, Flight To Heaven is the BEST BOOK I have ever read!
Pastor Shawn Machen Sr. Pastor - WorldVictory Church

The whole world needs to read Flight to Heaven. I've had many authors on my radio show, but of all the NDE stories I've ever heard or read, Capt. Dale Black's is the best... by far!
Jeanne Jennay - Author
Radio Talk Show Host / Motivational speaker

To say this is an inspiring book is an understatement. Flight To Heaven is an awesome read and has taught me a lot and given me peace and courage for a new chapter in my life. I'm purchasing more copies and giving it out everywhere.
Captain Randy Hass - Airbus A320
US Airways

I could not put this book down and I cried through much of it. Flight to Heaven is the most moving and inspirational book I have ever read. And I do mean - EVER! After reading this book I am completely convinced Capt. Black's story is true and heaven is a real place after all.
Donna Benton - Syracuse, NY

This Book Is A Masterpiece
Normally I'm a skeptic regarding heavenly experiences, but Flight to Heaven is different. I was taken by complete surprise. This book is a masterpiece. Without doubt the most complex, yet believable, account of heaven, the love of God and the afterlife that I've ever read. This is a must read, 5-Star adventure, destined to be a movie.
Francine Boyd, Palos Verdes

Blown Away. A Must Read
I just finished reading Flight to Heaven and Iíve been blown away. The book kept me on the edge of my seat from cover to cover. The story is credible, inspirational and moving. I have read many NDE books but this is the most amazing and descriptive recount of heaven Iíve ever read. Itís absolutely breathtaking. But donít just believe me. Read it for yourself. You wonít be sorry.
Dave Brenner, La Canada Flintridge, CA

This Book REALLY Touched Me - I Cried Through Most of It!
I have just finished Flight to Heaven and cried almost all the way through. Iím not even sure why. The book touched me in ways that I canít yet describe. I completely enjoyed this read. When Capt. Dale awoke from the coma he saw the nurses and doctors thru Godís eyes Iím convinced. Reading Flight to Heaven has blessed my heart and made me think more about my own life and what I need to do to live more effectively, with more passion and purpose. Iíve ordered more copies as gifts. Iím not only glad I read the book, Iím no longer quite the same person as when I started reading it.
V. Adams
A Page-Turner and a Faith-Learner
ďFlight to HeavenĒ is a true story that is both a page-turner and a faith-learner. The author, tells how after being involved in a deadly 1969 plane crash his life was irrevocably altered. The dramatic event had taken him on a journey that most of us have likely not yet takenóto heaven and back again. Cautioned by his grandfather not to commercialize his so sacred experience, the author told no one else for almost 40 years. His subsequent physical struggles and growth in faith through having been given a glimpse of heaven are deeply inspiring. I highly recommend this true life account to everyone who desires to have their faith lifted just as it did mine.
Pastor Kenneth Cetton
Park Terrace Baptist Church, Binghamton, NY

A Must Read For All
In Flight to Heaven, Dale Black brings us face to face with the reality of what awaits us at the end of our lives. This book is a must read for all to see what great love GOD has for His children. Meeting Dale back in the fall of 1972 had a major influence on my life and on my aviation career. My early role was to be Dale's flight instructor for his instrument rating. Dale had a wonderful gift as a superb pilot. He was also as a minister to what GOD had done in his life after being miraculously spared from a plane crash. GOD is so real to Dale in every area of his life and reading Flight to Heaven was so exciting to hear the rest of the story. The book has made a wonderful impact on my life. Everyone who reads this book will get a personal glimpse of God and what the LORD has waiting for us at our final destination.
Captain Steve Bradley
Airline Pilot Ė MD-11 Captain

Inspirational and Challenging
The book kept me on the edge of my seat from cover to cover. Flight to Heaven is the top Iíve read in my life. The story is inspirational and challenging and touching. I have read other NDE books but this was the most amazing by far. It was stunning. The book touched me in so many ďdeepĒ ways that I still canít understand how and why. I just know it did. I have bought 10 copies for friends. I HIGHLY recommended this book.
J. Brown

A Definite 5-Stars for ďFlight To HeavenĒ
I purchased this book as a gift for my dad but soon after I returned home I discovered a real problem existed. I couldn't put it down. What an awesome read! I am going to order several copies of Flight to Heaven to distribute to our pastor and church members, as well as all around our area, at hospitals, airports, libraries, etc. My father and I are also airline pilots, though he is now retired. Both of us have finished reading the book and rate it easily as 5 stars. The aviation aspects of the book were professional and technically accurate, yet the emphasis throughout is on a loving God. Flight to Heaven speaks to readers on many levels and is why this book is at the top of our list.
I have started to read Flight to Heaven for the second time. There is so much there, so much to draw you in, so many amazing tidbits. God is AMAZING and so awesome. We recommend the book to anyone looking for Truth.
Capt. E. Layton, Airline Pilot
I have spoken to several people who have read Flight to Heaven and each person Iíve talked with has said the same thing, "You cannot read this book without being changed". The chapters that describe Capt. Blackís journey to Heaven are fascinating and difficult to assimilate, yet they are described brilliantly. Reading about the level of faith that the author had, even at age 19, validates his Heavenly experience in my mind. But there are so many aspects of this story. At first I felt ashamed about my current lack of faith. Moments later I became challenged to do better in my own life. I have already purchased copies for friends. This is a HIGHLY recommended read. Easy 5 Stars in my book.
Peter Cannon, San Clemente, CA

We found Flight To Heaven to be a book that we could not put down. We seated ourselves in an upright position and got ready for take off on a celestial flight. This amazing journey will bring you to a greater understanding of your Heavenly Father's final destination for you. The author takes you through his life of mountain tops and valleys, a story that takes you to a place where there is truly peace and no suffering, all is made whole again. This is a first class ticket, no stops or delays along the way. A trip we are glad we booked!
Ray & Sandi Gregston - Boise, Idaho
I just finished reading "Flight to Heaven" and I must say, the book was a masterpiece in my opinion anyway. It was a real blessing to learn of Capt. Black's experiences and I can't wait to share it with others. I have learned more about what Heaven will be like and I've been challenged to "upgrade" my relationship with God. I will be buying more copies for friends at work.
Al DeMitor - Santa Fe Springs, CA

THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ!!!  Iíve read several books on the subject of heaven - but Flight to Heaven is by far the best. ďFlight to HeavenĒ is NOT just another book about heaven and the afterlife, you see. You will be taken on a journey - to heaven - and then back, but this is NOT the whole story. Capt. Black has written a true, validated and believable story that is a page-turner PLUS a faith-builder. How Capt. Dale was permanently affected by the traumatic experience in heaven is profoundly inspirational! Careful not to commercialize his sacred experience, the author told only his grandfather - for almost 40 years. The author tried to ďliveĒ his experience rather than talk about it. And for 40 years thatís just what he did. And wow! Canít wait to learn what happens next. Iím sure there will be more books from this author.
Flight to Heaven will not only hold your interest, it will inspire and encourage you too. Certain to become a best seller, I have recommended this book to my church as well as all my family. If you are curious to know what Heaven is like, read this book. If you are curious about near-death experiences, read this book. If you want to learn how to deepen your relationship with God, read this book! If you want to learn about how God can do the miraculous, read this book! 
H. Mayer

Couldn't Put it Down! Inspirational, Moving
Flight to Heaven will not only hold your interest, it will inspire and encourage you too. Certain to become a best seller, I have recommended this book to my friends as well as all my family. If you are curious to know what Heaven is like, read this book. If you are curious about near-death experiences, read this book. If you want to learn how to deepen your relationship with God, read this book! If you want to learn about how God can do the miraculous, read this book! Love2Read

AWESOME BOOK, A MUST READ FOR MEN and women too! Highly adventurous! A heart stopper and a heart tugger. I shed a few tears during the read. That hasnít happened for a long time for me. Wow. Recommended reading to anyone. Iím buying more copies for family and friends at church. This is a GREAT book. Very well written and I so glad I read it.
Dennis Blanchard - Los Angeles, CA

In "Flight To Heaven", Captain Dale Black has put to paper one of the most incredile stories of survival, recovery and faith that you will ever read, and that's before he even tells you about heaven. As a young pilot in training, Dale was a passenger in a small jet with two other experienced pilots. Just after takeoff, the plane clipped a grove of trees which diverted its path and they slammed into a seven-story monument known as "The Portal of The Folded Wings," which ironically is a memorial to famous aviators who have passed away. The other two pilots died from the impact of the crash, but Dale somehow survived and was rescued and brought to the hospital. What follows in the book is a two-sided story: one of recovery from massive and brutal injuries, and one of a brief but mesmerizing view of Heaven.
Being somewhat of a skeptical person, I have generally held a cynical view of claims people have made about going to heaven temporarily and returning back to earth. However, after having the pleasure of meeting Dale and then reading his book, I have no doubt that his story is true. The man is the definition of genuine, and to me the most striking part of his story is that he waited 40 years to tell anyone about it. While some people have attempted to cash in or commercialize their out-of-body experiences, Dale kept his a secret from everyone except his grandfather for four decades. Imagine having experienced Heaven and not telling anyone about it! But this particular aspect of the story made me truly believe.
As far as Dale's descriptions of heaven, they are truly breathtaking. I won't try to do them justice here or recap them, but rest assured that you will be mesmerized and inspired by his experience with the afterlife. It's hard to know what to say after reading it; but you will come away with a sense of awe and wonder, and longing to hear more about it.
The other half of Dale's incredible story has to do with his physical recovery after his Heavenly experience. His injuries were so severe that most would not have survived at all. Evel Knievel's doctor was called in due to the nature of the injuries, and he took on a challange that most would have given up on. The relationship that grows between Dale and the doctor is one of the most touching parts of the book, and the ending of that subhead is gratifying. What comes across very clearly in reading about the injuries and recovery process is the depth of Dale's faith, even as a young man. He refused to give up in the face of insurmountable odds; even with setback after setback. However, Dale's story is also one of human doubts, and his frustration with God and doubt through the recovery are there, and this makes him all the more real. Who wouldn't doubt God through such an arduous and painful process? But God continued to show his power and plan to Dale through his recovery; and this is extremely interestin to read about.
The way this book is written is phenomenal considering the subject matter; and it is definitely very difficult to put down. The ending to the story is incredible, and I won't give it away here. But you will come away with amazement at Dale's life and story, and also at his faith and God's faithfulness to him. An incredible person and an incredible story.
John Dorman - Business Banker

Normally I avoid these kinds of books but this book was different. I loved it from the very first page. It rings of truth. Itís honest, pure and innocent but packed with power to inspire any reader. I bought many copies and have given them to family and friends. You simply must read this book.
Dina Arman - Carlsbad, CA

I was given a copy of Flight to Heaven by a friend, having read no less than fifty books about life after death, heaven and NDE (near death experiences). Without doubt Flight to Heaven by Capt. Dale Black is the most comprehensive description of heaven Iíve ever read. The book kept me on the edge of my seat from cover to cover but the concepts regarding heaven were a little deep for me at first. The story was very credible, even to my critical mind, but as such, I was not able to fully comprehend the magnitude of the heavenly experience without reading those chapters twice. I strongly encourage anyone searching to understand more about the God and life hereafter to read this book. In fact, you should read it twice.
Lee P. - Nampa, ID

Flight to Heaven is inspiring, encouraging and a testimony of what God can do when He is allowed to work in the life of an individual. Brilliantly written with profound truths inside, the book challenged me to trust more in a personal God who cares for me and my family. Anyone who wants to know more about a real God should read Flight to Heaven.
H. Phillips

Flight to Heaven IS breathtakingly sacred
Capt. Black hasnít sensationalized anything. His descriptions are beautiful and flow deep into the heart. ďFlight to HeavenĒ IS breathtakingly sacred. The book has God all the way through it AND God pouring out of it. Inside these pages I found God's message, God's love, God's touch, God's rescue. For me, ďFlight to HeavenĒ is about a loving, personal God. And what an incredible story! I wasn't sure what to expect but was drawn right in and unable to stop until the last page. Capt. Black introduces you to a personal caring God and you find yourself "feeling" his personal crisis and wanting to walk through it with him. His journey takes you from loneliness, anger, questioning and surrender. This is a precious book, by a precious author (although Iíve never met him), and is about a precious God. I highly recommend this book to anyone.
Barbara M. - Phoenix, AZ

Captain Dale's story of survival, love, faith and healing has touched my heart as I'm sure it will for multitudes of others. Anyone who is curious about near death experiences - what a glimpse of the 'other side' might be like - must read this book. Anonymous



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